FOI disclosure log

Defence Housing Australia is required by Section 11C of the Freedom of Information Act 1982 to publish a disclosure log on this website. The disclosure log lists information which has been released in response to a Freedom of Information (FOI) request. Information must be published on the disclosure log within ten working days of its release to the applicant. This requirement has applied since 1 May 2011.

The disclosure log requirement does not apply to:

  • personal information about any person if publication of that information would be 'unreasonable'
  • information about the business, commercial, financial or professional affairs of any person if publication of that information would be 'unreasonable'
  • other information covered by a determination made by the Australian Information Commissioner if publication of that information would be 'unreasonable', and
  • any information if it is not reasonably practicable to publish the information because of the extent of modifications that would need to be made to delete the information listed in the above dot points.
This table lists all documents we are required to publish under Section 11C of the Freedom of Information Act 1982.
Date Received Summary Date Responded to Applicant Documents
6/11/2023 FOI2324 - 09 - Style Guides/Brand Guides/Writing Guides currently used by Defence Housing Australia 06/12/2023
17/7/2023 FOI2324-01 - Statistics on the DHA owned and managed properties in inner Sydney 03/08/2023
30/10/2022 FOI2223-09 - Correspondence related to proposed hospital at Allen Park, Swanbourne WA 15/12/2022
19/8/2022 FOI2223-02 Documents (quotes, invoices, receipts) which relate to the purchase of alcohol by DHA for the period 1 January 2022 to 30 June 2022. 18/10/2022
28/6/2022 FOI2122-18 Director Governance recruitment (documents available upon request) 29/08/2022
8/11/2021 DHA managed properties by postcode, suburb and type (documents available upon request) 08/12/2021
29/8/2021 Maintenance reports on DHA property 28/10/2021
29/8/2021 Mould reports on DHA Property 14/10/2021
21/8/2021 Mt Lofty bushfire hazard management advice 16/09/2021
14/4/2021 Documents related to rent band classifications for Service Residence 17 The Boulevard Sale VIC 3850 15/06/2021
24/2/2021 DHA employment contract templates 19/03/2021
1/1/2021 Mt Lofty draft site assessment report 2005 16/04/2021
19/2/2020 Information requested surrounding maintenance 17/03/2020
21/10/2019 request for current list of DHA valuation contractors for Melbourne and Sydney metropolitan areas 18/11/19
13/9/2019 Member requesting documentation of DHA review of incident 4/11/19
26/8/2019 Member requesting complaints filed in relation to tenancy 24/9/19
8/7/2019 Maintenance company requesting additional documentation surrounding their performance #2 7/9/19
5/7/2019 Staff member requesting personal information withdrawn by applicant
30/6/2019 Maintenance company requesting documentation surrounding their performance 29/08/2019
18/6/2019 Information requested surrounding maintenance company in liquidation 16/08/19
4/6/2019 Requesting a copy of a defence rent agreement 2/7/19
27/5/2019 Defence member and spouse requesting a copy of a complaint letter 20/6/19
10/2/2019 ADF member requesting interactions and maintenance history of Service Residence 13/03/19
5/2/2019 ADF member requesting inspection reports of their previous Service Residence 05/03/19
22/1/2019 Records of employees who are directly related to SES. Withdrawn by applicant
29/11/2018 Owner of neighbouring duplex property requesting roof maintenance documentation. 30/01/19
13/11/2018 ADF member requesting information relating to maintenance work at SR. 13/12/18
13/11/2018 Journalist requesting information surrounding DHA development at Stockton. 14/01/19
5/11/2018 New owner of previously managed property requesting pest/building/maintenance reports 4/12/18
5/10/2018 New owner of previously managed property requesting lease agreements/documents. 30/11/18
17/9/2018 ADF spouse requesting relevant documentation relating to allocation of SR. withdrawn by applicant
30/8/2018 Contractor requesting information surrounding contract termination 29/10/18
17/8/2018 Member requesting transcripts of relocation 25/9/18
25/7/2018 Member requesting acoustic report commissioned by DHA for service housing in 2013. 23/08/18
21/6/2018 Member requesting documentation surrounding RA entitlements 4/7/18
30/5/2018 Member requesting documentation surrounding Sydney posting localities to be advised
7/5/2018 Member requesting documents on file relating to SR and rejection process 4/7/18
19/4/2018 Applicant requesting documentation surrounding an HR matter withdrawn by applicant
18/4/2018 Requesting a diary/call log including times and dates of phone calls and correspondence re SR 17/5/2018
7/3/2018 Lessor has requested maintenance/repair requests from May 2009 - Feb 2018 5/04/2018
26/2/2018 Applicant has requested progress of HR matter and how it is being addressed. 16/03/2018
16/2/2018 Applicant requesting history of properties and dates while a serving ADF Member. 27/02/18
26/10/2017 Staff member requesting all documentation during employment at Defence Housing Australia withdrawn by applicant
2/10/2017 Applicant requesting information surrounding carpet cleaning costs at Service Residence 16/10/2017
1/9/2017 Requesting any complaints that have been raised by neighbours regarding BDOM and dogs 27/10/2017
31/8/2017 Request for housing records for Cooloongup, Rockingham and Safety Bay between 1995 - 2000 31/08/2017
9/8/2017 Request for documents allowing DHA to access metadata from AGs Dept over last 5 years 30/08/2017
2/8/2017 Lessor requesting photos of investment property in Nicholls ACT. 17/08/17
2/8/2017 Second application for process for unsuccessful candidates, weighting of written application. 1/09/2017
1/8/2017 Applicant requested all interactions held for current Service Residence withdrawn by applicant
14/7/2017 ADF member requesting the release of call recordings and notes on his DHA file. 10/08/17
13/7/2017 Lessor requesting weekly Rent paid for the month of June 2017 for properties located in Epping withdrawn by applicant
10/7/2017 A copy of all notes made on my online services account this year and who had accessed on line account 8/09/2017
6/7/2017 A copy of all notes made on my online services account this year. 1/09/2017
2/7/2017 ADF member and spouse requesting all email correspondence between June 2015 - 2017 28/7/17
5/6/2017 Member requesting information surrounding access to her online services 5/07/17
1/6/2017 All records including emails and meetings in relation to maintenance for a SR at Narrabundah 3/07/17
30/5/2017 Application for internal policies for DHA staff emails 29/6/17
24/5/2017 Request for email/skype documentation surrounding employment and application process withdrawn by applicant
17/5/2017 Third request for information surrounding rent paid to properties in Epping from 2007 to 2017 22/0-6/2017
15/5/2017 Request for information surrounding maintenance to ensuite at Shoalwater Service Residence from 2012 21/06/2017
30/3/2017 Secondary request by lessor for rental valuations paid Jan - Dec 2016 for Epping properties. 24/4/17
28/3/2017 Request for information surrounding Apartments, Braddon. 30/5/2017
21/3/2017 Request for information re KPIs for DHA positions in Sydney and Liverpool withdrawn by applicant
8/3/2017 Lessor request for current (March 2017) rental valuations in Epping NSW 29/03/2017
22/2/2017 Request for information surrounding current rent and valuer information for properties in WA locality 05/04/2017
21/2/2017 Request for information surrounding Mt Lofty 30/06/17
13/2/2017 Request for information surrounding remediation works at Army Barracks withdrawn by applicant
11/9/2016 Applicant requesting copy of services agreement between Defence and DHA. 5/10/2016
9/9/2016 Request for house plans from previous Service Residence located in Glenbrook NSW 30/09/16
15/8/2016 Communications produced over the past 12 months about or relating to the potential sale or privatisation of DHA to a private sector entity. 14/10/2016
27/7/2016 Request for housing and categorisation confirmation of deceased ADF Member. 11/08/2016
4/7/2016 Request for information surrounding maintenance requests at Service Residence located at Wattle Grove 4/8/16
30/6/2016 Requests for information surrounding evictions, search warrants, illegal drugs/weapons and dance poles Request withdrawn by applicant
20/5/2016 Request for average DHA SR and MCA metered water usage for six dates from 22 Sept 2005 to 11 Feb 2016 Request withdrawn by applicant
18/4/2016 Request for social media policy. 11/5/2016
4/4/2016 Request for information surrounding ex ADF property located at Moorebank 5/5/2016
11/3/2016 Request for documentation relating to selection criteria for recruitment of technical specialist at Canberra HMC. 8/4/2016
26/2/2016 The addresses of DHA houses sold in Baynton WA in 2009 24/3/2016
25/2/2016 Request for documents relating to acquisition of properties in the IQ apartments located at Braddon. 26/4/2016
8/2/2016 Request for tenancy agreements and maintenance reports for SRs in Nowra and Eastwood. 7/3/2016
11/12/2015 request or information relating to maintenance and ongoing flooding of garage 5/2/2016
1/12/2015 request for information surrounding maintenance at Belconnen Service Residence withdrawn by applicant
23/9/2015 Applicant request current asset accounting policy (specifically around investment property cost capitalisation for financial reporting purposes) 7/12/2015
14/9/2015 Request for data listing the quantity of Defence owned and managed properties by postcode and type. 14/10/82015
4/9/2015 Information surrounding relocation paperwork in 2005 and accommodation booking at hotel. 6/10/2015
2/9/2015 Request for information surrounding maintenance and contracts for Service Residences. 6/10/2015
26/8/2015 Request for traffic modelling and associated report prepared in relation to the Seaward Village redevelopment 26/10/2015
24/8/2015 Request for selection decisions for recruitment and the release of personal information surrounding applications. 18/11/2015
21/8/2015 Information surrounding how the site is developed and the demographic targeted for Palm Beach Caravan Park. 18/9/2015
14/8/2015 Request for information surrounding the land development at Griffith 11/9/2015
8/8/2015 Applicant requesting Expression of Interest letter to Seward Village Working Party sent to Nedlands Council. 9/10/2015
7/8/2015 Applicant requesting insurance policy details for Defence Service Residence 10/9/2015
1/7/2015 Request for all documentation between DHA and realtors/developers for Seaward Village 28/08/2015
26/6/2015 Request for information surrounding liquidated contractor 24/7/2015
23/6/2015 Requesting information surrounding rear fence at North Nowra property 11/8/2015
22/6/2015 Applicant requesting information surrounding his log on details to DHA's online services 9/07/2015
15/6/2015 Information sought regarding evaluation process for Tender DHA-HO-15-215A. 5/8/15
9/6/2015 Request for all documents surrounding the proposed development for residential purposes of Seaward Village. withdrawn by applicant
29/5/2015 Information providing minimum requirements for tropical housing in the Darwin region. 9/6/2015
25/5/2015 Request for documentation surrounding clearing of land DHA did not own/was not entitled to clear 16/6/2015
8/5/2015 Request from ADF member for all correspondence between DHA and contractor relating to Enoggera SR 16/6/2015
6/5/2015 New owner of relocated house requesting detailed floor plans from 1993-1995. 26/5/15
17/4/2015 Request for information for a property believed to be ex DHA located in Aitkenvale. 22/4/15
1/4/2015 Defence member requesting personal information from Rental Assistance property located at Greenwich NSW withdrawn by applicant
27/3/2015 Information from 2007-2015 surrounding non fair wear and tear maintenance at Harrison ACT Service Residence. 27/4/2015
17/3/2015 Information regarding request for maintenance to rear boundary fence in Jerrabomberra 17/4/15
11/3/2015 Requesting information surrounding all approval of storage items on posting from Melbourne to Darwin in 2008. 10/4/2015
5/3/2015 Request for information surrounding maintenance of investment property located at Nowra. 2/4/2015
3/3/2015 Request for information surrounding award contract value for tender in Northern Territory 2/4/15
27/2/2015 Requesting information surrounding unoccupied Defence properties at Swanbourne due to maintenance. Withdrawn by applicant
21/1/2015 DHA Residential Property Fund No.1 – Guaranteed Rent Increases. withdrawn by applicant.
21/1/2015 DHA Residential Property Fund – Discounted Property Management Fees withdrawn by applicant
8/1/2015 Information requested surrounding rental valuations for all DHA managed properties at Michie Court, Bayview, for the last 5 years. 6/2/2015
23/12/2014 Request for information pertaining to property in Bullsbrook., Western Australia 22/1/2015
16/12/2014 Information surrounding Member's Choice Accommodation properties owned or leased by DHA in the greater ACT and Queanbeyan regions. 17/01/15
1/12/2014 Request for information surrounding cost effectiveness of delivering the 'DHA Investor Seminar' from FY10-FY14 and for FY15 year to date withdrawn by applicant
1/12/2014 Request for findings and recommendations made by internal auditors to DHA SLB Program and SLB average cost of sale performance 2004-2014 withdrawn by applicant
25/11/2014 Requesting a copy of any paper, report, survey or enquiry in relation to geothermal exchange. 23/1/2015
23/11/2014 Requesting development plans for Wirraway development in Thornton. 18/12/14
18/11/2014 Requesting information surrounding unpaid inspection fees to contracted sales consultants. withdrawn by applicant
18/11/2014 Requesting information surrounding the qualifications, performance and remuneration of the new sales roles. withdrawn by applicant
27/10/2014 ADF Member requesting personal documentation from 2011 to current. 5/1/15
10/10/2014 Tenant requesting documents surrounding maintenance issue for a property located at Enoggera. 2/12/14
8/10/2014 Potential purchaser requesting maintenance history regarding expansion/articulation joints and roof maintenance for Bracken Ridge property withdrawn by applicant
9/9/2014 Request for information surrounding the outcomes and execution processes relating to the DHA SLB Ballot to be advised
21/8/2014 Request for information to the outcomes and conduct of the Net Promoter Score assessed against Sales Consultants 19/9/2014
13/8/2014 Request for information regarding Code of Conduct report 11/9/2014
1/7/2014 Application by ADF Member for all correspondence relating to entitlement to a Service Residence. 01/08/14
27/6/2014 Information surrounding the employment process for the roles of Relationship Manager and Senior Relationship Manager. 24/09/14
26/6/2014 Information surrounding job description, duties, responsibilities & remuneration of 'internal sales resources' 23/09/14
17/3/2014 Request for information regarding a complaint. 17/4/2014
28/2/2014 Requesting maintenance records, damage and inspection reports for property located at Kirwan. withdrawn by applicant
24/2/2014 Requesting correspondence from Mr Peter Howman to the Defence Minister between 8 Sept 13 to 20 Jan 14 12/4/2014 - request withdrawn by applicant
5/2/2014 Requesting recent valuation information for investment property and surrounding properties located in Flinders View, QLD. 31/03/14
22/1/2014 Requesting correspondence from Chairman to the Defence Minister between 8 Sept 13 to 20 Jan 14 Request withdrawn by applicant
11/1/2014 Requesting a copy of the valuations of all the properties for a complex in Mitchelton, QLD 12/3/14
2/1/2014 Requesting information regarding DHA properties in and around Janus Street, Glenfield 29/01/14
4/12/2013 Request for 2005 Defence Housing review Withdrawn by applicant
13/11/2013 Request for address details from Service Residences and Rent Allowance properties for security clearance. 4/12/2013
11/11/2013 Documents for all maintenance and repairs from DHA Service Residence located at Kirwan. 11/12/13
28/10/2013 Requesting copies of all information regarding investment property and its maintenance since 26 December 2011 23/12/13
29/9/2013 Request for information relating to a neighbourhood complaint 29/10/13
16/9/2013 Partial transfer from Defence, request for Rent Allowance file. 14/10/2013
28/6/2013 Request for evidence regarding eviction from Service Residence 28/08/2013
12/6/2013 Request for information relating to a neighbourhood complaint, Seaforth NSW 5/07/2013
14/5/2013 Request for employee information Withdrawn by applicant
18/3/2013 Request for information regarding exchanges of SR in Brisbane Withdrawn by applicant on 04/02/2013
26/1/2013 Floor plans for Hobartville property 02/05/2013
24/1/2013 Information regarding West Australian rent allowance ceilings 24/02/2013
7/1/2013 Rent paid for properties in Epping NSW 01/21/2013
16/11/2012 Request for Maintenance reports relating to Wattle Grove property. 14/12/2012
10/9/2012 Request for employee information. 09/11/2012
10/9/2012 Request for rent paid for Port Kennedy properties. 9/11/2012
6/9/2012 Request for financial advice. 19/10/2012
11/6/2012 Request for information regarding strata managing agents. Withdrawn by applicant.
16/5/2012 Request for information regarding management of property. 18/6/2012
15/5/2012 Request for information regarding property maintenance on house. 15/6/2012
4/1/2012 Reduced scope; request for documents about proposed development or property divesture in certain streets in Townsville 06/02/2012
12/12/2011 Enquiry re property in Darwin 20/12/2012
16/11/2011 Documents about any proposed development or property divesture in certain streets in Townsville Withdrawn by the applicant on 4/1/2012.
22/9/2011 Request for employee information 24/10/2011
9/9/2011 Records related to management of a property in Richardson, ACT. 7/10/2011
18/7/2011 Rent paid for properties in Epping, NSW - further request 11/8/2011
11/7/2011 Defence housing loan documentation N/A - transferred to another agency on 18/7/2011.
11/7/2011 Information about Application for Rental Allowance 9/8/2011
22/6/2011 Communications with DHA and housing availability Withdrawn by applicant on 11/7/2011
22/6/2011 Correspondence from Defence Housing tenants in South Australia about complaints 22/7/2011
10/6/2011 Correspondence/notes re neighbourhood complaint/s in Amaroo, ACT - further request 7/7/2011
2/6/2011 Rent paid for properties in Epping, NSW 28/6/2011
10/5/2011 Correspondence re neighbourhood complaint/s in Amaroo, ACT 8/6/2011