How to access information about you

What can I access about me?

You may request information through administrative access. Administrative access is a less formal process than making an FOI request.

Some examples of information that may be appropriate for administrative access include:

  • your own personal information (minimum requirements of Australian Privacy Principle 12 under the Privacy Act must be met),
  • data or statistics that are not already available online, or
  • policies and guidelines that are not already available online.

Most requests for information or copies of documents can be dealt with informally and quickly — a phone call or email may be all that is required. You can contact us to informally request access to DHA information.

We are obliged, as a minimum, to deal with your requests to access your personal information in accordance with Australian Privacy Principle 12 under the Privacy Act.

For other documents, we will generally aim to provide you with administrative access to those documents within 30 days. Decisions to refuse documents under the administrative access are generally not reviewable.

However, you also have the right to make an FOI request for documents containing the information at any time. If we are unable to fulfil your administrative access request, we may ask you to make an FOI request for the information.

The Australian Privacy Act gives you the right to access your personal information.

To find out what personal information we may hold about you and how we use this information, you can go to our Privacy policy.

Your right to access your personal information is not absolute.

Where your information may cojoined with another person’s information, we may refuse access under some circumstances.

For example, spouse, contractor or address information.

How do I access my information

Anyone can make a request for information by phone or through the online inquiry portal.

If you are a member, lessor or contractor you can also find information about you on the Online Services Portal.

How to check your Online Services portal

The Online Services portal enables you as members, lessors, or suppliers, and your nominated delegate, to self-serve and access information.

Any registered user can access and download information quickly by clicking the Online Services button at the top of this page.

How to contact us

If you need any other personal information not available via Online Services Portal you can contact us for assistance.

Be ready to clearly identify the information or documents you are seeking, provide your contact details and your preferred method to receive our response such as an email or postal address.

Can other people request access to my information on my behalf?

Generally, only you or another person you have authorised, such as a legal guardian or authorised agent, can make the request.

We may ask you, or your authorised agent, to confirm your identity before we provide any personal information.

Please see our Privacy Policy for more information about how we use and disclose your information.