With DHA you can look
forward to tomorrow...
and today.

When you buy a DHA investment property we provide you with a level of certainty that is unmatched by other property investments – with no tenanting obligations and a reliable rental income throughout the lease term1.

Why invest with DHA?

You can relax and ease your mind when the day-to-day needs of your DHA investment property are managed for you. We offer a package of benefits you won't find anywhere else.

  • Long-term lease

When you buy a DHA property, our standard lease terms are nine or 12 years. Shorter lease terms of three or six years may be offered on occasion.

  • Property care

We provide a range of property related services throughout the lease term in return for a service fee.

  • Quality properties

Our properties reflect the contemporary needs of Australian families.

How to invest with DHA

Buy a DHA investment property

Purchase a property from DHA and lease it back to us. With a long-term lease you receive reliable rent1 and a range of property-related services.

Lease your property to DHA

Bring your own property to DHA and receive the benefits of a long-term lease and reliable rent.

Buy a mid-lease property

Mid-lease are sold with the DHA lease in place and offer all the benefits of investing with DHA.

Take the first step

Our sales consultants can help guide you through buying an investment property with DHA.

To get started call us on 133 342 or enquire online.

From 23 March, new leases in NSW will reflect changes to residential tenancies laws. For information email

Investors retain some responsibilities and risks i.e. rent, restoration and market fluctuations. Prospective investors should seek independent advice. DHA does not accept responsibility for an inaccuracy or actions taken in reliance upon this information.
1. Rent is subject to abatement in limited circumstances.