Multi-factor authentication set up for Online Services accounts

Set up Multi-factor authentication instructions

To view the instructions on how to set up Multi-factor authentication (MFA), please download the relevant user guide or watch the instructional videos:

Setting up MFA via email (PDF 634 KB)
Setting up MFA via a mobile phone (PDF 600 KB)
Setting up MFA via an authenticator app (PDF 779 KB)

Instructional videos

MFA Email Set Up

MFA Mobile Phone Set Up

MFA Authenticator App Set Up


Defence Housing Australia (DHA) now requires you to set up multi-factor authentication (MFA)  on your Online Services account. DHA is improving your account security to protect your sensitive data from cyber theft or damage.

These quick reference guides are designed to support the setup of multi-factor authentication (MFA) for your Online Services account. The guides contain instructions, screen captures and other important information to help guide you through this process using your mobile, email or authenticator app.  

This guide provides the steps for:

  • First time login after multi-factor authentication is live for Online Services account holders.
  • First time login after multi-factor authentication is reset by DHA staff.

If you require additional assistance, contact DHA on 139 342 during business hours.

MFA is a process that requires you to provide additional information before you can log into DHA’s Online Services accounts.  It provides an additional layer of security to protect your sensitive information from any unauthorised login attempts.

One of the most common everyday examples of MFA is your banking.  To withdraw money, from an ATM, you need to present something you have (your bankcard) in combination with something you know (your personal identification number or PIN). 

Download the relevant user guide or watch the instructional video below.

Contact DHA on 139 342 for IT Support during business hours only.

Contact DHA on 139 342.  The MFA for your Online Services account will be reset and you will need to repeat the setting up MFA process on your replacement device.

Reset your password through Online Services or contact DHA for assistance on 139 342.