APS employee census 2022

Defence Housing Australia (DHA) participated in the latest Australian Public Service (APS) employee census—an annual employee perception survey of the APS workforce. This was conducted from 9 May to 10 June 2022. The survey provided an opportunity for employees to give their views about the APS and DHA. Participation in the survey was voluntary and encouraged.

The opportunity to hear and reflect on employee perceptions and experiences is valuable. Eighty-seven percent of DHA employees participated in the 2022 survey compared to 77% in 2021. DHA’s employee engagement score for 2022 is 71% which is 2 percentage points higher than 2021.

Employee feedback continues to be an integral input to the actions we take to improve employee experience and engagement, and to drive an inclusive and high performing culture across DHA.

If you would like a copy of the accessible version (MS Excel), please email culture@dha.gov.au.