Living-in Accommodation

Policy relating to Living-in Accommodation (LIA) is determined by the Department of Defence and is outlined on the ADF Pay and Conditions site.

Members with Dependants

Members with Dependants Unaccompanied

Members without Dependants

Booking LIA

Transit or permanent bookings may be requested via DHA Online Services. Click LIA and Apply for Me.

Check out is 10:00am on the day of departure. If you require a room beyond 10:00am, you will need to book an additional night.

If you are relocating due to posting or on a course and are utilising a Toll Transitions Removal, your booking will be made by Toll Transitions, there is no need to make a second request via Online Services.

Your course manager will usually have set aside rooms for the course, and you may not need to request a room via Toll Transitions or DHA. Please refer to your joining instructions for further information. If you have been provided with a reference number and advised to request a room via DHA, please submit an enquiry form via Online Services, including the reference number. If you are unsure, please contact your course manager for advice.

Complete your Application For Relocation with Toll Transitions, this includes questions related to your transit and permanent LIA housing requirements. Toll Transitions will then advise DHA of your LIA requirements. If you need to amend the start or end dates or cancel your LIA booking, contact Toll Transitions who will advise DHA.

Each base has specific rules associated to VIP room allocation. Many bases manage the booking and allocation of VIP rooms manually. If you have a requirement for a VIP room contact the base directly or submit an Online LIA enquiry via DHA Online Services.

If Toll Transitions have made your LIA booking, please contact them for any amendments, otherwise your dates can be amended via DHA Online Services . If you are unable to make required changes, submit an Online LIA enquiry via DHA Online Services.

Non-Defence individuals and groups are not authorised to make LIA bookings online for themselves.

All non-Defence booking requirements must refer to the relevant unit/base authority for approval and sponsorship. Once approved, the sponsor can submit an LIA enquiry form via Online Services with booking requirements and base sponsor approval.

Allocated rooms can often be changed due to base or maintenance requirements. For this reason specific room details are not included in the LIA booking emails. You can view up to date room details by logging into Online Services at any time.

Pre-arrival information such as the base address and key collection details can be found on the Defence Base Visitor Information Page located on the Defence Protected Network (DPN).  You can print off a PDF version of the base Visitor Information Page to take with you if required.

As DHA staff aren’t able to access the Defence Protected Network, we are unable to provide this information to you.

If you are unable to access the link, you can contact the Defence Customer Service Centre on 1800 Defence (1800 333 362) for additional information.

LIA is classified by Defence into five levels depending on: size, standard, number of amenities, the age of the building, upgrades and any factor relevant to the accommodation.

The table below is a guide only as to what each of the levels provide. DHA allocates rooms in accordance with ADF Pay and Conditions and the room rules determined by the respective base SADFO and Base Services Manager.

The contribution that you pay will depend on several factors including your rank, categorisation, the level of accommodation that you occupy and if you are sharing with others. You may also be required to pay a contribution towards utilities

Information about live in meals can be provided by the customer service centre on 1800 Defence (1800 467 425).

Refer to ADF Pay and Conditions for further information regarding contributions.

Single Living Environment Accommodation Precinct (LEAP) is level 5 permanent accommodation. Bookings and allocations for these rooms are managed by DHA, however the on base concierge services such as key issuing and maintenance are not managed by DHA.

In some instances, your room may be serviced (at an additional charge). Please confirm the servicing arrangements with the LEAP Concierge when you check in.

Each base has provided DHA with a list of suitable rooms for length of stay, rank and gender. When you make a booking you will automatically be allocated to the highest level of room that is available and deemed suitable for your rank.

Refer to ADF Pay and Conditions for further information.

Each base determines the personnel who are authorised to make group bookings within Online Services for their base. This is normally restricted to resident unit personnel, however there are exceptions to this. 

If you have an ongoing requirement (especially for courses) to be able to make and manage group bookings at other bases, please seek approval from the Base Services Manager or SADFO/equivalent who will submit this to DHA by using the enquiry form in Online Services.

If the booking is for a permanent or transit room, due to privacy requirements, DHA is not able to provide the room allocation details. The person for whom the booking has been made will receive a confirmation email.

If you have made a group booking and are listed as a Point of Contact, you will be able to see booking details in Online Services by selecting LIA Administration and Your Bulk Bookings.

Note: The attendees will also be able to see their room details in Online Services but will not receive a confirmation email when they are added to the group booking.

A limited number of bases permit non-duty stays and very few permit additional family members. You can attempt to book a non-duty stay for yourself using DHA Online Services (click LIA and Apply for Me), however, the base reserves the right to cancel the booking at any time.

Additional fees will be payable for non-duty stays if approved. If you wish to have family members stay as a non-duty booking, please send an Online enquiry via DHA Online Services.

There can be a delay in base staff checking in your booking. If you have collected the key, please disregard the email.

If you need to amend your arrival date, please do so via DHA Online Services. If you are unable to amend the date, send an Online LIA enquiry via Online Services.

Bulk, Group or course bookings

Bookings up to 3 people can be made as individual transit bookings via DHA’s Online Services (click LIA and Apply for Someone Else). 

To make a booking for larger groups you need to have Administrator access as a Course Coordinator for the relevant base. Approval for this access is sent to DHA from the Base Manager.

If the booking is for a base where you do not hold the relevant authority send an online enquiry with the details on Online Services. The request needs to include a name for the booking, number of attendees, rank and gender of attendees, dates and base location. Attendee names must be entered prior to arrival, but rooms can be held without these details initially.

Defence have advised that it is now mandatory for all LIA bookings to contain the name of the occupant prior to arrival. Your booking may be cancelled or keys may not be made available if you do not provide this information.

You can add attendee details to the booking via DHA Online Services (LIA Administration tab and Your Bulk Bookings). If you have received a reminder email advising that you have not yet added attendees to the booking, a link to the booking will be contained in the email. 

To add multiple attendees, copy and paste the details into the attendee box in the bulk booking details screen. If you require assistance, send an Online LIA enquiry via DHA Online Services.

If you have the relevant administrator access, you can amend the start and end dates of the booking as well as the number of attendees via Online Services (LIA Administration then Your Bulk Bookings, then modify). If you do not have the relevant access, you will need to send an Online enquiry in Online Services.

General LIA Information

You can arrange delegate access to your Online Services account for another person. This could be your partner or another chosen representative. A delegate can perform all functions in Online Services which relate to you as a Defence member.


What can they do?

Your delegate will be authorised to perform the following tasks in Online Services on your behalf:

  • Current Housing Solution related actions (e.g., view and select available Service Residences)
  • Modify postal address and contact details
  • Rental Allowance related actions (e.g., Apply for Rental Allowance, complete Rental Allowance Reviews, apply for Rental Allowance Advances)
  • Apply for LIA.

How to appoint a delegate

You can appoint a delegate through Online Services:

  • Go to 'My Account', 'My Profile' and then 'Manage Delegates'
  • Follow the prompts to enter the relevant contact details*
  • Select ‘Create Delegation’
  • Once created, it will sit in pending status until the delegate responds to the automatic email notification to accept or reject the request.

*Please note, if you are asked to enter a confirmation key, this will be your chosen mix of numbers and/or letters (e.g., 1234). You will need to provide the confirmation key to your nominated delegate for them to use when accepting your request, noting it is case sensitive.


Can I remove my appointed delegate?

Yes, you can remove your appointed delegate at any time in your Online Services account. In the ‘Manage Delegates’ section select the bin icon and follow the prompts.

The entitlement to retain housing is closely linked to removal entitlements. If your posting or course signal states that you are entitled to a removal, then you must vacate your current housing and request a new LIA room upon your return. If entitlement to removal is not listed on your course or posting signal and you are returning to your location afterwards then you may retain your LIA room, however, you will continue to pay for that room. Additionally, you are able to occupy LIA in the temporary location at no charge.

Members Without Dependants (MWOD) retaining accommodation whilst deployed at sea or field may not contribute for defined periods as outlined in ADF Pay and Conditions If you are deployed, at sea or living under field conditions for a period greater than 22 days, your contribution will be ceased automatically through Defence Pay. You are no longer required to notify DHA of this occurrence.

APS members who work for Department of Defence may occupy a transit LIA for business travel if the location is not their usual place of work. If you are required to be away from your usual place of work for longer than 7 days and wish to occupy LIA, you will be required to seek written approval from the Directorate of Relocations and Housing and submit that approval via an Online LIA enquiry in Online Services. As LIA is a priority for Defence operational requirements, any booking for APS may be cancelled by the base at any time.

Occupying LIA

Room cleaning and maintenance is not the responsibility of DHA. Please report this to the on-base accommodation office during business hours or speak with the Duty Officer.

Your contributions will automatically be commenced and ceased by Defence when you move in or out. For changes of categorisation, it can take up to 2 pay periods for the change of contribution to reflect in your pay.

If it is outside this period and still incorrect, please send an Online LIA enquiry in Online Services for investigation.

If you do not contribute to permanent housing in your posted location, MWOD members are required to pay for LIA. This includes when you move between tenancies on posting. Additionally, MWD members may also be required to pay for transit rooms in certain circumstances.

Refer to ADF Pay and Conditions for further information regarding contributions. 

Towels, soap and toilet paper are provided for stays of less than 21 days. If your stay is longer than 21 days, you are to provide your own towel and other items.

Vacating LIA

You can notify of your intention to vacate LIA in Online Services. Please note you must vacate by 10:00am on the day you are leaving.

Confirm any vacating requirements with the on-base accommodation office.

It can take up to 2 pay periods for the cease of contributions to reflect in your pay. If it is outside this period, please send an Online LIA enquiry via DHA Online Services for investigation.

This user guide has been developed to assist Service Providers in their role of the issue and collection of room keys and usually housekeeping and maintenance.

LIA Service Provider - user guide
(PDF 2.7MB)

Bulk and Manual Allocation

This User Guide has been developed to provide support to base users with the roles of 'Base Authority', 'Base Management', 'Approving Authority', 'Unit Management' or 'Course Coordinator' assigned in the DHA Booking and Allocations Service tool.

Bulk and Manual Allocation - user guide (PDF 2.2MB)

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