Living-in Accommodation

Book your LIA Transit, Temporary, Permanent and Course accommodation at most Defence bases via DHA Online Services

As a Defence member, Reservist or Defence employee you will need an Online Services account to enable you to request and view the details of your allocated room. 

Key collection, and housekeeping are managed via normal base contractor arrangements.

Living in meal contributions are managed through your PMKEYS Employee Self-service.

Working on base with a position in LIA administration you need both an Online Services account and a specific role assigned.

Getting an Online Services account? 

Most Defence Members will already have access – it is used for all housing related matters including all LIA.

For all account access and role queries call 139 342 or Email the LIA Contact Centre.

Book LIA using Online Services

Contacting DHA

DHA has a dedicated LIA Contact Centre that operates during national business hours 0830-1700 hours.