About us

Thank you for considering a career with Defence Housing Australia.

We were established as a statutory authority in 1988 and became a Government Business Enterprise (GBE) in 1992, to undertake business activities on behalf of the Australian Government.

Our main function is to provide housing and related services to Defence members and their families in response to Defence requirements. In fulfilling this role, we contribute to Defence retention, recruitment and operational goals.

We are active in Australian residential housing markets, construction, purchasing and leasing houses for Defence personnel.

Working at DHA

We are a large property manager responsible for managing the allocation of dwellings to Defence members and the resulting tenancies.

We are also a major land developer. We acquire and develop land to build enduring and sustainable communities of mixed military and private owners.

We finance our activities by selling and leasing back dwellings through our Property Investment Program (PIP), the sale of land and dwellings from major developments and the disposal of surplus properties.

Our values - what we look for

DHA operates in a complex and dynamic environment. We look for and value employees that demonstrate behaviours that align to our values:


We are ambitious, innovative and engaged in what we do.

  • Seek and create change and innovation
  • Work positively and enthusiastically
  • Find and create opportunities for growth
  • Be ambitious and creative
  • Empower individual decision making and performance


We value, trust and recognise our people, customers, clients and stakeholders.

  • Recognise and support the role of Defence members and their families
  • Value each individual’s role, experience and contribution
  • Keep people and customers at the centre of decision making
  • Harness the contributions and strengths of different industries and sectors


We are bold in what we seek to achieve, constantly learning and aiming to be leaders in every way.

  • Aim big to be the best we can be
  • Be leaders at every level
  • Seek personal growth and learning
  • Engage thoroughly and thoughtfully
  • Do what it takes
  • Strive for high performance


We do what we say we will do with professionalism, efficiency and diligence.

  • Consistently meet agreed targets
  • Seek professional excellence and industry leadership
  • Be open and transparent in communications
  • Overcome challenges and find solutions
  • Express and receive feedback
  • Act ethically and honestly


We strive to develop sound relationships and collaborate to achieve our core purpose and build strong communities for our people, customers, clients and stakeholders.

  • Work together to achieve clarity and purpose
  • Build strong communities
  • Share generously and help each other
  • Be inclusive and value diversity
  • Help each other


We are focussed in all of our efforts, balancing long and short term work, family, profit and social aims.

  • Promote wellbeing and care for people
  • Make sound, balanced decisions that consider competing priorities and timelines
  • Trust and support people
  • Be flexible and responsive to individual needs
  • Take actions that are enduring, efficient and add value

What we offer

Defence Housing Australia offers employees an attractive suite of employment conditions including:


Learning and development

Structured on the job training plus a year round calendar of professionally facilitated relevant courses.


Study leave / study options

Up to $7,500 a year of study assistance and three hours per week paid study leave.


Life balance

Flexible working arrangements, employee wellness programs and employee assistance programs.


Performance management

Achieve results through performance management. Everybody at DHA has a Performance Development Agreement.


Rewards and recognition

DHA recognises that high performing staff are the key to our success, that’s why employees who perform well are rewarded for their efforts through a formal reward and recognition process.


Christmas shutdown

DHA offices are closed from COB on the last working day before Christmas to the first working day after 1 January, giving employees a break and a chance to spend some time with family and friends. DHA uses skeleton staffing for two days during the Christmas shutdown period, some operations staff such as Property Managers are rostered to assist with our peak posting period.


Generous leave entitlements

DHA’s current Enterprise Agreement sets out some attractive leave entitlements.


Careers with us

Looking for an opportunity with DHA?

Applying for a job with us

Career opportunities at DHA are advertised on this website, as well as on the APS Jobs website, and can also be located on career search websites by utilising key word searches Defence Housing Australia and DHA.

The Australian Public Service Commission has a published a useful guide Cracking the code to assist people in applying for jobs in the public service.

Employees are engaged under the Public Service Act 1999 and conditions of service and salary scales are set out in the DHA Enterprise Agreement 2015 (PDF 845 kB).

Working for Defence Housing Australia requires the highest standards of conduct. Exemplary ethical conduct on the part of our employees contributes significantly to the standing of DHA with our shareholders, customers and clients.

Employees are required to uphold the Australian Public Service (APS) Values and DHA Values, and comply with the APS Code of Conduct.


To be eligible to work at Defence Housing Australia (DHA), you must:

  • be an Australian citizen
  • undertake a security assessment to the requisite standard
  • have completed the ‘redundancy benefit period’—if you have received a redundancy benefit from an Australian Public Service (APS) agency or a non-APS Commonwealth employer, you are generally ineligible for engagement as an ongoing employee until the expiry of your redundancy period.

Essential formal qualifications

If your position requires you to have a formal qualification, you will need to provide proof of your academic/professional qualifications.  Any claims you make with regard to academic and/or professional qualifications must be true and be capable of being verified with the relevant institution.

Preparing your application

Statement of claims against selection criteria

The selection criteria identify the specific abilities and experience required for the position. In addressing them, you should demonstrate that you have all the necessary skills and qualities required to successfully undertake the duties of the advertised role.

When preparing your statement of claims, keep in mind the particular expectations outlined in the selection criteria and duty statement. You should cite examples of situations you have faced and describe in detail your actual involvement. Your examples of past behaviour should reflect your knowledge, skills, experience and qualifications.

The key in preparing your statement of claims is to:

  • demonstrate capability by providing evidence of how you meet the selection criteria
  • provide specific examples
  • where possible, include an indicator of success as a result.

The STAR model can help you form your answer.

  • Situation — set the context by describing the circumstance where you used the skills or qualities and gained the experience.
  • Task — what was your role?
  • Actions — what did you do and how did you do it?
  • Results — what did you achieve? What was the end result and how does it relate to the job you are applying for?

For help addressing selection criteria in the public service, review the Australian Public Service Commission’s publications:


Ensure your resume is up to date and relevant to the position you are applying for. List recent experience and qualifications that support your claims against the selection criteria.

Your resume is a summary of your contact details, work history, qualifications, achievements and professional memberships. Think of your resume as a series of carefully chosen highlights about your work history that present a snapshot of your ability to succeed in a particular position or role. Try to keep your resume to a maximum of three (3) pages.

Submitting your application

Your full application, including your statement of claims against the selection criteria and your CV must be submitted through the DHA Online eRecruit website by the specified closing date.

If you have any issues submitting your application through the eRecruit website, please email HR Services

Late Applications

Late applications will only be considered in exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of the panel chair. If you are unable to submit your application by the closing date, you should contact the nominated contact person or the HR Services team immediately.


The short listing process is rigorous and interviews are not automatically granted. Only the most competitive applicants—for example those who have demonstrated strong claims to the position—will be assessed beyond short listing. Shortlisted applicants may be required to participate in a panel interview and/or participate in a skills assessment. However, the selection panel may decide that interviews are not necessary and make the decision to fill the vacancy based on written applications and referee reports only.

Unless noted in your application you will be regarded as being available for interview from the date applications close. The selection process may not be delayed to accommodate your availability.

Selection panel

If granted an interview, the selection panel will assess each applicant’s capabilities against the selection criteria.

Selection panels usually consist of three people, and although diversity on panels is encouraged, both genders may not be represented. The selection panel will prepare a written report containing an individual assessment of each interviewed candidate.

Interviews will incorporate questions that are behaviourally based. Behavioural based interview questions assume that past behaviour will help to predict future behaviour. Therefore, applicants should be prepared at interview to discuss examples of past and present behaviour detailing specific achievements and challenges faced.

You may be presented with questions such as 'Provide an example of when you have been under pressure' instead of ‘What would you do if…?' It is important to ensure your responses display your ability to meet the criteria for the advertised position.

When answering behaviourally based questions at interview, you can also apply the STAR model as outlined above.

Reference checks

It is not necessary to provide a written supervisor/referee report with your application, unless specifically requested in the selection documentation. However, contact details for your current supervisor and one other referee should be provided.

The selection panel will only seek supervisor/referee comments for the most competitive applicants. That is, the candidates who are under consideration for the order of merit. It is important that the supervisor and nominated referee are in a position to comment on and rate your recent work performance. The selection panel can request a written report or seek verbal comments at any stage of the selection process.

Applicants should advise the HR Services team and the panel of any sensitivity around contacting referees.

Security clearance requirements

All DHA staff are required to obtain and maintain a minimum baseline security clearance.

At DHA the two most common levels of security clearances required are Baseline and Negative Vetting Level 1.

Baseline is the minimum clearance required to work in DHA. It allows access to classified information and resources up to and including PROTECTED level. It requires at least a five year background check.

Negative Vetting Level 1 allows access to classified information and resources up to and including SECRET level. It requires a 10 years background check.

More details about security clearances and how the process works can be found on the Australian Government Security Vetting Agency website:

Before you submit an application for a role at DHA, you should consider if you are comfortable answering questions that may relate to:

  • personal relationships
  • living circumstances
  • personal values
  • financial situation
  • physical and mental health history, including substance use
  • criminal or disciplinary record.

The process may feel to be intrusive, though it is important that you are honest and accurate in disclosing details about yourself.

If you feel uncomfortable about having to disclose such detail, then please think carefully before applying.

All applicants who do not hold a current Baseline security clearance will need to be granted temporary access by AGSVA to the E-pack prior to their commencement with Defence Housing Australia. Staff will also need to complete an AGSVA E-pack, once the pack is issued it must be completed and submitted to AGSVA within 21 days. The security clearance process will not commence until all required documents are received by AGSVA.

Offers of employment

Offers should be returned to the HR Services team within 3 working days. Successful candidates wishing to query any aspect of their offer are encouraged to contact the HR Services team immediately.

Inter-APS movements and promotions

Where the successful applicant is a current ongoing Australian Public Service (APS) employee, they will be required to provide HR Services with a contact point in the Human Resources department of their agency. This is for confirmation of details including current employment, AGS Number and negotiation of a suitable release date for the transfer or promotion.

In the cases of a promotion to an APS1-6 position, the promotion is subject to a right of appeal in line with the Office of the Merit Protection Commissioner directions.  During this time other candidates for the same position also eligible for a promotion may lodge an appeal.  The HR Services team will advise if a promotion has been appealed.

Selection results

Feedback is available upon request from the HR Services team once the process is finalised.

More information

For further information about the agency, please visit the following pages: