Step 5: Vacate your rental property

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Tell us if you plan to move out

You must tell us if you plan to move out of your rental property so we can stop your Rent Allowance (RA) payments. This applies even if you will move to another property in the same location.

Tell us the date you will move out on Online Services. Or, if you use Toll for removal they will tell us.

You also need to give proper notice to your landlord or real estate agent. If there’s a dispute about your bond, it’s your responsibility. We cannot get involved.

Your RA is paid until the date you plan to move out. If you use Toll, it’s paid until the date they come to pack up your belongings (pre-pack). 

If you are evicted

If you’re evicted from your rental property, call Toll Transitions on 1800 819 167. They can give you information about your removal benefits.

You must talk to us before you apply for another rental property. Please raise an enquiry in Online Services under 'my account'.

Rent and costs after you move out

If you need to move out for service reasons and use Toll, we may reimburse:

  • rent paid after pre-pack, within your rent ceiling
  • any costs you have to pay for breaking the lease, such as advertising fees

If you move out because you are discharging, we only reimburse up to 3 days after pre-pack.

How to claim

Upload a copy of your final rent receipt on Online Services.

Submit documents and receipts via an enquiry in Online Services under ‘my account’.

Move into a Service Residence

If you are a member with dependants, you may wish to see available Service Residences (SRs).

Read about the benefits of an SR, or ask us to activate preview access.

We recommend you do this 4 to 6 weeks before your lease ends.

Move into another rental property

Members With Dependants (MWD) must ask us for approval before you sign an agreement for a new rental property.

If you were approved for a rent ceiling increase, it does not transfer to the new property. You’ll need to apply again if you can’t find a property within your rent ceiling.

Rent allowance calculator

You need to enter these personal details to use the Rent Allowance calculator:

  • Your categorisation
  • Your rank
  • Your posting location
  • The estimated fortnightly rental amount

Categorisation means whether you are a:

  • member with dependants (MWD)
  • member with dependants (unaccompanied) (MWD(U))
  • member without dependants (MWOD)

If you’re a MWD

You need to include how many bedrooms you’re entitled to. Please see 7.6.4 of PACMAN.

If you’re a MWD(U) or MWOD

You need to say how many people will share your rental property with you.

Apply for RA online

Did you know you can complete the entire Rent Allowance process online?