Step 5: Vacate your rental property

Informing DHA of your intention to vacate is important so that we can cease your Rent Allowance (RA) even if you are just moving from one property to another in the same locality.

You can log on to DHA Online Services to provide your vacate date. If you are using a Commonwealth removal Toll Transitions will inform DHA of your intention to vacate.

If you're unable log on, contact us on 139342 or

If you are using a Commonwealth removal your RA is paid until the date of pre-pack else RA is paid until your advised vacate date.

You should give your landlord or real estate agent maximum notice of your intention to vacate. Any dispute in relation to your bond is a matter between yourself and agent or owner.

What if I have to break my lease or pay rent after I move out?

Where you are using a Commonwealth funded removal for Service reasons (excludes moving to an own home in locality), you can be reimbursed for both the rent you have to pay after your furniture pre-pack (note: this is limited to your RA rent ceiling) and for any break lease costs you may have incurred i.e. re-letting or advertising fees.

Eligibility for this reimbursement if vacating on discharge is limited to 3 days post your pre-pack.

To claim reimbursement of:

  • Rent paid after you move out, please upload via DHA Online Services, a copy of your final rent receipt to enable processing.
  • Break lease costs claimed by the agent or owner, please email supporting documents outlining the requirements from the agent/owner and receipts to to enable processing. If you have any questions please contact DHA on 139342.

Are you a Member with dependants (MWD)?

Before your current lease expires you may wish to consider viewing available Service residences. A Service residence offers many benefits not found in the private rental market. For further information about these benefits visit our Service residences page. Please contact us so we can activate your viewing access in DHA Online Services.

If no suitable Service residences are available, and you wish to move properties we can then approve your continued eligibility for RA in locality. You should not enter into a new tenancy agreement and apply for RA before seeking approval from DHA.

Apply for RA online

Did you know you can complete the entire rent allowance process online?