Step 4: Commence Rent Allowance

Rent allowance RA is paid fortnight through the Defence pay system – Defence One.  As with other allowances, it is paid in arrears, meaning the payment you receive each pay day is for the previous two weeks.

It can take between two and six weeks for your RA application to be processed and payments to commence.  The quicker you provide all your supporting documents, the quicker you’ll receive your allowance.

How is my Rent Allowance calculated?

The amount of Rent Allowance you receive is calculated as rent minus member contribution. Rent is the lesser of:

  • your share of the weekly rent, or
  • the applicable Defence rent ceiling.

Contribution is the amount you're required to contribute to your rent. It is determined by the Department of Defence and is based on:

  • your rent
  • your categorisation
  • the number of Defence members and/or civilians sharing a residence (including children)
  • for MWD only – election of the two bedroom rates.

Once you log in to Online Services, use the RA Calculator to determine what RA you may be eligible for.

RA rates are determined by the Department of Defence and are reviewed annually.

Use the RA calculator

Login to Online Services to check your entitlement using the Rent Allowance calculator.