Step 3: Submit your documents

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Apply for rent allowance

After you find out if you are eligible and find a property, you can apply for Rent Allowance (RA).

Go to Online Services and click ‘Apply for RA’.

If you’re a member with dependants (MWD), your application will already be activated. Simply click “continue”.

What documents you need

When you apply for RA, you need to upload certain documents. These help us process your application.

The documents you need depend on your situation.

You will need these for a basic application:

  • A full copy of the lease
  • Your first rent receipt or tenant payment ledger

If it’s a private arrangement, complete a Member/Owner statement [PDF 115 Kb].

If you don’t have the documents yet you can upload them later. But you must submit all documents within 14 days so we can calculate your RA.

Track your application

You can track the status of your documents and application on Online Services. If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it here.

Reimbursement for costs before you move in

RA starts from the date you move in. If you have to pay rent before this, you can apply to be reimbursed. Upload your rent receipt when you apply for RA.

We will approve it if:

  • you have a Commonwealth-funded relocation
  • we can determine cost savings to Defence

You can also apply to be reimbursed for:

  • lease letting fees
  • stamp duty fees

You can submit receipts via an enquiry in Online Services using the ‘My Account’ link.

Allowance for furniture hire

We may approve an allowance for furniture hire if:

  • you are a member without dependants (MWOD)
  • you are a member with dependants who is unaccompanied (MWD(U))
  • your share of the property rent is less than your rent ceiling

You can only use the allowance to hire furniture, not buy it. For example, no rent-try-buy schemes.

The furniture you can hire is listed in Chapter 7 of PACMAN.

Apply for furniture allowance when you apply for RA. If you want to do it later, you can click ‘Update details’ on Online Services.

Quick reference table for types of documents

Form or document                
Must show:
  • Tenancy start and end dates
  • Property address
  • Rent amount
  • Signature of all parties

If you don't have a lease, complete a Member/Owner statement (PDF 115KB).

Initial rent receipt
Must show:
  • Amount paid
  • Property address
  • Name of occupants
Bond or utilities receipt
Must show:
  • Amount paid
  • Property address
  • Name of occupant

This is to support any advance payments you claim.

Release clause

We suggest you ask your landlord or agent to include a release clause in the rental agreement. It helps them understand the nature of your work, and may reduce costs if you need to break the lease for service reasons.
Service reasons do not include buying your own home or discharging.

Ceiling increase request

To apply for an increase to the ceiling where a property cannot be found within your ceiling.
Includes evidence of the properties available to you.
Download a property search form [PDF 108 Kb].

Property search

Only if you are posted to a remote location.
Includes evidence of the properties available to you.
Download a property search form [PDF 108 Kb].

Approval to live outside locality

Only if you wish to live outside your posting location.
Must be approved by your MAJ(E).

Download a AE681 – ADF Categorisation Change and approval to Live-In/Live-Out form.

Apply for RA online

Did you know you can complete the entire Rent Allowance process online?