Step 2: Find a property

You are responsible for searching and applying for a rental property in the private market through a real estate agent or directly with a landlord. You will also need to make your own arrangements to pay rent and set up utilities.

Living outside your posting locality

If you wish to live outside your posting locality you will need to provide written permission from your Unit Commanding Officer/Officer Commanding (CO/OC) before applying for RA. You can submit this online through Online Services.

Living outside your locality may affect your applicable rent ceiling. For example, it will be the lower rate where an adjacent posting locality exists.

You will also need to provide approval from your CO/OC if you have recently posted to a new base in the same region and wish to remain in your current rental property.

How your rent ceiling is set

Rent ceilings are based on an annual assessment of market rent in each location by Defence. The rent ceiling reflects the value of renting a three bedroom property and is increased to reflect additional bedrooms where the entitlement exists.

Increasing your rent ceiling

If you are having difficulty locating a property within your rent ceiling you must consult with a Housing Consultant before committing to a rental agreement. Defence policy governing increases to rent ceilings is limited and specific.

Bond and rent advances

You can request an advanced loan for the amount required for rent (limited by your applicable rent ceiling) or for the full amount of your bond.

Applying for a rent advance

If you're posting in or if you're already in location, request an advance by clicking 'Apply for advance' button in Online Services, after your RA eligibility has been confirmed.

Conditions of the advanced loan

  • You will need to repay all advanced monies to Defence.
  • Repayments are made fortnightly over 26 fortnights. If you wish to repay over a shorter period you can Defence Call Centre on 1800 DEFENCE (1800 333 362).
  • Within 14 days of the commencement of your lease you must provide us with proof of the payment for which the advance was required.
  • Failure to provide this proof will mean the full amount or the unused portion of the advance must be recovered in full from your pay.

Location spotlights

To help you learn about your posting location, we've created location spotlights.