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VIP rooms

Each base has specific rules associated to VIP room allocation. Many Bases manage the booking and allocation of VIP rooms manually. Refer to the Base Guides in Online Services for more details.

Pre-arrival base information

Pre-arrival information about each base is available on our Base Guides pages in Online Services.

Permanent room requests

If you are relocating due to posting or a course and using a removal with Toll Transitions (Toll), please do not make your own permanent booking via Online Services:

If you are posting:

  • Complete your removal paperwork with Toll, this includes questions related to your transit and permanent LIA housing requirements.
  • Toll will advise DHA of your LIA requirements.
  • If you need to amend the start or end dates or  cancel your LIA booking, please contact your Toll case manager who will advise DHA.

If you are going on a course:

  • Your course manager will generally already have set aside rooms for the course, and you may not need to request a room via Toll or DHA.
  • Please refer to your joining instructions for further information.
  • If you have been provided with a reference number and advised to request a room via DHA, please submit an enquiry form via Online Services under 'my account' advising the number provided.

Non-Defence booking requirements

Non-Defence individuals and groups are not authorised to make LIA bookings online for themselves. All non-Defence booking requirements must refer to the relevant unit/base authority for approval and sponsorship. Once approved, the sponsor can submit an LIA enquiry form via Online Services under 'my account' with booking requirements and base sponsor approval.

LIA messages sent to personal email addresses

LIA messages are sent to the email address used as your Online Services username.

  • Only you can modify your username.
  • If you are receiving LIA administrative emails (Outstanding Issues, Unallocated Requests) to your personal email address, it is recommended that you modify your username to your Defence work email address.
  • Click on Change Username under My Profile in your Online Services account

Setting a delegate

Defence members can provide another person, such as a family member, with their own access to their Online Services account for management of personal housing requirements.

This access is provided by using the ‘manage my delegates’ option. You are also recommended to ensure that your contact details are kept up to date.

Group bookings at other bases

Each base determines the personnel who are authorised and given access to make group bookings directly within Online Services for their base. Generally, most bases will only allow resident unit personnel to have this level of access, however there are exceptions to this. 

If you believe you have an ongoing requirement for courses or to be able to make and manage group bookings at other bases, please seek approval from the base services Manager or SADFO/equivalent who will arrange for DHA to provide access. You can submit this to DHA by using the enquiry form under 'my account' in Online Services.

LIA levels

Defence classifies LIA into five levels, taking into consideration size, standard and number of amenities, the age of the building, upgrades and any factor relevant to the accommodation.

The table below is a guide only as to what each of the levels provide. DHA allocates rooms in accordance with PACMAN and with the room rules determined by the respective base SADFO and base services manager.

LIA levels

LEAP rooms

Single Living Environment Accommodation Precinct (LEAP) is level 5 permanent accommodation.

Bookings and allocations for these rooms are managed by DHA, however there is a separate national contract that manages the on base concierge services such as key issues and maintenance.

In some instances, your room may be serviced (at an additional charge). Please confirm the servicing arrangements with the LEAP Concierge when you check in.

Adding new users for base LIA administration

All members who have an Online Services account have the ability to make LIA bookings for themselves (permanent or transit) and for someone else (transit only).

Additional specific base level access is required to perform LIA administrative functions for rooms on that base i.e. making group bookings, booking VIP rooms, taking rooms or buildings off-line, confirming occupation/vacation and approving/cancelling allocation etc.

Different types of base access are defined in ‘roles’ and are outlined below.  Roles can be assigned to you when the relevant base approver advises DHA.

Requests for DHA to provide role assignment access need to include the new user’s:

  • PMKeys number (if existing)
  • name
  • rank
  • unit or company name if a contractor or job title.
  • base (where the access is required)
  • role type
  • effective date required
  • advice if the request is an additional role holder or a replacement role holder (provide details of the vacating user).


** As the approving authority role has the ability to exercise some PACMAN delegations online, it is restricted to Defence Members who are Unit CO/OC or XO not below MAJ(E).