Heritage properties

National Heritage status

Commonwealth or National Heritage status is given to places of significant cultural, political or natural importance in the course of Australia's history. We currently manage and maintain 78 properties and development sites which are registered on the Commonwealth Heritage List (CHL). Of these, 72 are managed on behalf of the Department of Defence in locations such as:

  • The Royal Military College - Duntroon
  • HMAS Creswell - Jervis Bay
  • HMAS Watson - Sydney Harbour
  • HMAS Cerberus - Mornington Peninsula
  • Anglesea Barracks - Hobart
  • Victoria Barracks - Paddington
  • Spectacle Island - Drummoyne
  • RAAF Base Glenbrook
  • RAAF Base Richmond
  • Garden Island - Sydney
  • Gun House - Fremantle (formerly part of the Artillery Barracks, now a stand-alone)

These properties are either individually listed heritage properties or are located within heritage precincts. Each contributes significantly to Australia’s military history. Collectively they play an important role in the tradition of Australia’s three Defence Force Services.

In addition to the Defence owned properties noted above, DHA's heritage register lists the sites we own and manage with several of these listed on the CHL. The sites, listed below, are currently being developed or under review for development.

  • Mount Lofty - QLD
  • Stockton Rifle Range Fern Bay - NSW
  • Fort Wallace Stockton - NSW (CHL 105335)
  • Lawson North - ACT (CHL 105535/105519)
  • Lee Point - NT
  • Nirimba Fields Schofields -NSW

Commencing in 2006, DHA undertook an extensive upgrade program to most of the Defence owned CHL properties. While maintaining and respecting the heritage value of the buildings, the upgrades provided more comfortable, modern residences in accordance with Defence requirements.

Since the completion of the upgrade program in 2010, we continue to undertake minor upgrades on an on-going and as-needed basis. Our continual work on these properties also ensures that they’re identified on the Commonwealth Heritage Register and cared for through the preparation and implementation of heritage management plans.

For further information on any of our Commonwealth Heritage listed properties, please make contact with our Heritage department via email: heritage@dha.gov.au

The Heritage Homes of the Australian Defence Force

This book was published in 1996. As such, it does not reflect DHA’s current heritage home portfolio.  While the printed version of this book is no longer available, you are able to download the PDF version below.

Book abstract

This is a small contribution to the rich and colourful military heritage of Australia. It tells something of the houses that are, or have been, provided for members of the Australian Defence Force – and which are now listed in the Register of the National Estate, by the National Trust, or in other community heritage listings. It is about some grand houses such as 'Bridges House' at Duntroon, the home of the Chief of the General Staff; and 'Tresco', the home of the Flag Officer Commanding Navy's Support Command at Elizabeth Bay, Sydney. It is also about the modest homes of junior ranking servicemen like the 'Gunners' Cottages' in Fremantle and the historic war-ravaged precinct in the RAAF Base at Darwin.

The Heritage Homes of the Australian Defence Force

Book chapters in PDF format

* Please note that there is an error on page 95 (Northern Territory chapter). Shading has been applied incorrectly to the RAAF Base Darwin map, so that it reverses the position of the heritage-listed Type 2 and Type 3 houses in the base’s heritage precinct. The twelve Type 3 houses are actually located in the southern circle, while the four Type 2 houses (of which two remain) are in the northern circle.