02 May 2019 DHA nominees accepted into Jawun secondment program

As part of our commitment to reconciliation and building closer partnerships with Indigenous Australians, we have endorsed three employee nominations for the Jawun APS secondment program.

Corporate Shared Services Manager, Tanya Senior, NT & WA Regional Director, Ruth Lantzke and Property and Tenancy Manager, Georgie McWatters have been nominated to participate in this important initiative, which strives to increase the capacity of Indigenous leaders, organisations and communities.

Tanya, Ruth and Georgie have all been successfully accepted into the program following a formal interview process with Jawun regional directors, where they demonstrated their commitment to share their professional expertise and support Indigenous organisations to achieve their development goals.

The program consists of a six-week placement period with an Indigenous organisation, working on projects and initiatives that make a profound difference to the local community.

Ruth will be spending her placement working with an organisation based in the East Kimberley region, Tanya will be working on the Central Coast of NSW and Georgie will be placed in Alice Springs.

‘I am extremely excited to have been offered this opportunity to spend time helping the Indigenous community,’ said Georgie.

‘I am also slightly nervous, knowing this opportunity will really push me outside my comfort zone in many ways.’

‘Like Georgie, I’m slightly apprehensive but am ready for this exciting challenge and to share what we’ve learnt when we get back,’ said Tanya.

‘It’s an amazing opportunity to be fully immersed in an Indigenous organisation—to contribute, learn and to share skills and experiences.’

‘I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity to stretch, grow and develop my skills in a different environment,’ said Ruth.

‘I hope that my skills are transferable and add value as a part of this program.’ 

Over the coming weeks, Ruth, Tanya and Georgie will be provided with project briefs and more details regarding their placement organisations.

We would like to congratulate all three secondees on being accepted into the program and thank them for their commitment to our reconciliation journey!