07 March 2019 Neighbours unite to celebrate Parks Week at Bluewattle

Bluewattle’s annual Welcome Families event is designed to help new and existing residents foster a friendly, well-connected community by bringing people together for a casual dinner with their neighbours.

Bluewattle’s Development Manager, Adam Webb said connecting people with each other and their local parks was an important part of creating a strong community spirit within the masterplanned community.

‘Ahead of Parks Week, we’re being reminded of the role parks play in building stronger, more connected communities,’ said Mr Webb.

‘Parks deeply enrich our lives by providing a place for people to come together and engage in physical activity, take some time away from computer and TV screens, and spend quality moments with friends, family and neighbours.

‘Our two major parks at Bluewattle—Jeff Caddies Park and Birdwing Park—have become home to a number of annual events in the Upper Ross, and provide many benefits for the community’s physical, mental and social wellbeing.

While many of Bluewattle’s events are open for the whole Townsville community to attend, this Friday’s event will be exclusively for residents of Bluewattle’s 220 households, police officers from the new Upper Ross Police Station and invited guests.

‘With a high number of Defence and civilian families having recently settled in Bluewattle, as well the new Police Station soon to open, our Welcome Families event is the perfect opportunity for neighbours to get to know those faces they’ll see regularly around the community as they water their gardens, walk their dogs or play in the parks,’ said Mr Webb.

‘Creating a connected community where everyone knows their neighbours helps create a happier and safer neighbourhood.’

For more information about Bluewattle, visit www.bluewattle.com.au