08 April 2015 World-first technology transforming Top End housing

Breezes Muirhead will soon be home to Darwin’s largest installation of solar panels in a single suburb thanks to a partnership between developer Defence Housing Australia (DHA) and Country Solar NT.

More than 75 DHA homes in the development will have a special type of solar panel installed, creating a 337Kw solar suburb. The world-first technology, called “Enphase”, provides the most advanced micro-inverter technology for solar systems, combining innovations in power electronics, networking and web-based software, to make solar systems smarter and more efficient.

‘At Breezes Muirhead we’re building tomorrow’s housing, today. The solar systems will be wi-fi enabled, and residents will be able to monitor their electricity generation live via a smartphone app,’ DHA Managing Director Peter Howman said.

The inbuilt technology will allow residents to see at-a-glance, the real impact of the systems on their electricity bills.

‘We want our communities to leave a positive legacy both socially and environmentally. This new technology will produce a collective 600,000 kWh of energy per year and it is estimated that the systems could cut electricity bills by more than 70 per cent*.

‘The solar systems will avoid the generation of more than 334,000 tonnes of CO2 annually. Over their life, they could save residents more than $4.125 million in electricity costs, and avoid generation of over 8.35 million tonnes of CO2 from being released into the environment.

‘The benefits of this new solar technology are wide-spread. We have reduced our environmental footprint through a reduction in energy consumption, but we are also encouraging continued innovation in building design by encouraging faster install times, reduced costs and greater flexibility.

The installation is backed by the local company Country Solar NT, one of the longest serving and most experienced solar installers in the Top End.

‘This system connects directly to broadband and provides unprecedented solar system intelligence and management capabilities for owners. Owners can actually see the savings as they happen,’ said Country Solar NT Owner Jeremy Hunt. 

‘Home-owners will be empowered to take control of their future, with a compatible app that shows the user the energy generated, carbon saved, identifies “hot spots” and even lets them know when cleaning is required.’

In addition to the new solar technology, all new homes at Breezes Muirhead will be future-proofed with electric-vehicle-charging points in garages, electronic pin pad entry, and the largest living areas of any Muirhead homes to date.

Breezes Muirhead is an awarding-winning residential community developed by DHA and Investa Land. Located just 16 kilometres from Darwin’s CBD, Breezes Muirhead has been specifically designed for Darwin's tropical climate, with strategically planned street layouts that capture the prevailing cross flow breezes.

*Based on each system generating 22Kwh per day, and an average daily energy use of 30Kwh per house.