21 January 2015 DHA acknowledges some of Australia’s most inspirational property investors

In 2014 DHA was proud to be approached to sponsor the Your Investment Property’s prestigious annual Investor of the Year Award. The awards, now celebrating their seventh year, are a great way to support and recognise how everyday Aussies are building their wealth through property investing.

As a member of the judging panel, DHA’s Chief Operating Officer, Madeline Dermatossian, has played a key role in selecting the award winners.

‘It was really exciting to read about all the different investment models that individuals around the country base their portfolio on,’ Ms Dermatossian said.

‘It does show that there is no one-fit investment option and that individuals can create something unique that benefits themselves and their future.’

The awards judge the entrants, not only on their financial performance, but also on several other key factors that contribute to becoming a successful investor.

‘It’s one of the reasons why we wanted to be involved in these awards. It’s not just about the dollar value performance of a portfolio but is about the investors’ entrepreneurial flair, discipline, dedication, initiative and their overall investment strategy. In other words, all the attributes needed to succeed as a property investor,’ Ms Dermatossian said.

Among the winners was Anna and Melvyn Correia who have built a portfolio worth more than $3.4 million.

‘Anna and Melvyn have a diversified acquisition strategy that includes off the plan dwellings, units and also properties with renovation opportunities,’ Ms Dermatossian said. ‘The asset protection is sophisticated with use of companies and trusts, and their investment strategy includes both domestic and overseas properties to diversify risk and access a broader range of investment opportunities. The income stream generated from their properties has enabled Anna and Melvyn to support their family and donate to important charities.’

The Investor of the Year award winners were announced in the February edition of Your Investment Property, on sale 15 January 2015.