17 December 2014 MCA celebrates 500 property milestone

We recently marked an exciting milestone for our Members Choice Accommodation (MCA) program as the 500th property entered the property portfolio.

Managing Director, Peter Howman, along with representatives from the Department of Defence toured the 500th property in Bruce, Canberra, and were all impressed at the quality, location and amenity of the property.

‘The MCA program is providing excellent housing solutions for Defence members. It offers future residents plenty of room for visiting family and friends as well as ample storage,’ said DHA Managing Director, Peter Howman.

MCA properties, usually apartments or townhouses, are designed for single members or members who are unaccompanied by their families. They are located close to the city and/or base with access to local amenities, all at a reasonable price.

Members don’t need to compete with the general public for a property, pay a bond or inspect the property before they relocate. They are able to view and lock down the property online before leaving their current location, making the transition as hassle-free as possible.

This milestone marks the halfway point for the corporate target of 1,000 MCA properties by June 2016.

‘It has been a huge team effort to get to this point and I am so proud of this achievement,’ said Mr Howman.