16 October 2014 DHA increases its services to investors

Investors looking to sell their Defence Housing Australia (DHA) properties mid-lease will now be able to access a bank of qualified real estate agents, and keen investors, as part of a new panel arrangement.

The panel, which includes real estate agents from around Australia, has been negotiated by DHA, on behalf of their valued lessors and provides an additional service on top of those already provided by the award-winning residential developer.

'Our investors are vitally important to the DHA lifecycle,' Managing Director Peter Howman said. 'By buying a property, and agreeing to lease that property back to us for a period of nine to 12 years they are in essence providing a home for a Defence member.  While most investors retain their property for the entire lease, occasionally investors need to sell their DHA investment property before the leases expires.'

When this happens, the property is sold with the lease in place. This means the buyer of the property agrees to the conditions outlined in the existing lease agreement and transfers their name onto the lease.

'Feedback from our investors was that sometimes the process was difficult because real estate agents either didn’t understand the lease, or buyers were not aware of the services that DHA offers,' Mr Howman said.

'This new arrangement provides our investors with access to a panel of real estate agents who understand what DHA offers, and will provide a competitive rate to sell the properties. It also means that we are able to manage the flow of information to investors and provide them with a source of truth in relation to investing in Defence housing.'

In addition, mid-lease properties, sold via the panel, will be advertised on the DHA website and to DHA’s investor database.

'We have many investors who are keen to own DHA properties,' Mr Howman said. 'Unfortunately demand is often out-weighed by supply. By advertising mid-lease properties to our bank of willing investors we are able to offer even more options to those who want to invest in the program, and provide those that need to sell their property, a group of investors that know and understand the DHA investment product.'

Should you need to sell your investment property, please contact lessormanagement@dha.gov.au or phone 139 DHA for more information.