18 June 2013 HMAS Cerberus facelift taking shape

Defence Housing Australia (DHA) today handed over the first of more than 80 homes being upgraded at HMAS Cerberus.

“DHA is committed to improving housing for Defence members and their families. We plan to upgrade 85 houses at the Base to ensure the living standards of our Defence members are as high as possible,” DHA’s Managing Director Peter Howman said.

“DHA’s upgrade program is an important part of our business, and the works we are undertaking here at HMAS Cerberus, on behalf of the Department of Defence, are no exception.”

HMAS Cerberus is the Navy’s premier training establishment. Its historic presence, heritage buildings, chapels, sporting facilities and gardens, create a pleasant training and living environment.

The majority of the housing on the Base was constructed approximately 20 years ago. By upgrading the homes, Defence members and their families will continue to live comfortably in these surroundings for approximately 15 years.

“The properties will be given a major upgrade,” Mr Howman said. “This will generally include a new kitchen, bathrooms and laundry, with new floor and window coverings to complement the new paint colours. Ducted heating and cooling will also be included in the upgrade, as well as new ensuites and garages where not already existing.”

“This upgrade program will not only provide much sought after housing for Defence members and their families, but it is also contributing to the local economy with many new job and business opportunities.”

The next stage of the HMAS Cerberus upgrade program will include work on the existing infrastructure at the Base to ensure that the services to the upgraded houses meet requirements.

“To meet the increased needs of the upgrades we are also looking to upgrade electricity, stormwater and sewers at the Base,” Mr Howman said.

“We’ll also look at the roads to make sure that they are in good condition and tidy up some of the parks in the area. It’s important that when we look to upgrade such an important facility that we look as the community as a whole, not just the houses.”