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David and Rhonda have been happily married for nearly 30 years and they live in Ballina NSW where they run an export palm nursery.

Rhonda and David are long time DHA investors. ‘We started out with DHA over 20 years ago when we paid off our first house. We wanted to get an investment’, says Rhonda. They initially built a property to DHA specifications and leased that to DHA. Once the property’s lease ended, they bought a mid-lease DHA property.

And it’s certainly worked for them. ‘We’ve had four DHA properties, two in Nowra and two in Brisbane. I think it was the pinnacle of how we got our financial independence’, explains Rhonda.

David and Rhonda’s experience with DHA has been extremely positive. They love the ‘set-and-forget’ nature of a DHA investment, the guaranteed rent and the fact that DHA takes care of maintenance. They have never inspected their current property. They feel that DHA really takes care of it and they trust DHA’s judgment.

‘If anybody asked me whether they should buy a DHA house I would say absolutely. Without DHA, we would not be living up here in Ballina overlooking the beautiful ocean.'

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