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Getting there

HMAS Penguin is primarily a training base located in the suburb of Mosman, within 30 minutes’ drive to the Sydney CBD. The main entrance open 24 hours/day, is located on 7a Middle Head Road, Mosman.

Key collection and returns

Non-LEAP Accommodation Office

Address: Building 3, Trump Place
Business hours: 0730-1630, Monday-Friday
Phone: 02 9494 7236
A/H Phone: 
Contact HMAS PENGUIN Officer of the Day

  • Keys can be collected after 1400 from the Accommodation Office.
  • Keys can be collected after hours from the Yellow accommodation key box in the OOD office at the main entrance Guard House.
  • March out inspections must be booked at least 3 days prior to departure.
  • Rooms are to be vacated by 1000 and keys are to be returned with to drop box located on the green entry door of the Accommodation Office Building 3.
  • Inform the office of lost keys immediately. A cost will be incurred for replacement.
  • Please contact the Officer of the Day on 0477 758 679 if an Emergency Room key is required.

Security arrangements

A valid Defence pass is required to gain access to this base. Visiting Defence personnel should familiarise themselves with any additional security arrangements prior to arrival. Non-ADO personnel occupying LIA are required to have base approval prior to arrival. This includes members of foreign forces, minors, non-ADO visitors.

Vehicle pass applications are available from the NPC Office located in Building 3, near the Accommodation Office. Passes are to be displayed on the dashboard at all times.

Room/cabin information


  • Transit (up to 21 days) - Rooms/Cabins provisioned with soap and towel
  • Permanent/Temporary (≥ 22 days) - You will need to bring your own toiletries, towel and clean your own room/cabin (excluding Duty Officer, Recruit or Cadet Accommodation).

For further information about your room/cabin, contact the base Accommodation Office. It is essential that you are aware of your LIA obligations in accordance with PACMAN, Annex 7.3.A: Licence to Live In.

VIP rooms/cabins

DHA cannot take requests – contact Base XO for allocation.

Non-duty bookings

  • Non-duty bookings are not to auto allocated.
  • Non-duty bookings are not permitted without XO Penguin approval.
  • Non-duty bookings attract a charge in accordance with Defence policy (FINMAN). Cost recovery will be initiated after key collection by the on-base Accommodation Office. Queries should be directed to the Accommodation Office.

Mess fees

Mess fees are levied by the local Mess Committees in recognition of amenities funded from non-public monies. The mess fees for the Sir David Martin Mess are:

Annual Fees

$90.00 per annum

Transient Fees. All Officers, Senior Sailors & SNCO’s that are at Penguin on conferences and any courses not exceeding three (3) weeks are to pay transient mess fees.

$5.00 per day up to a maximum of$25.00


Handy phone numbers


Contact Number

Officer of the Day

0477 758 679


02 9494 7256

Base Accommodation Manager

0466 420 048


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Change to your booking?

You can modify bookings online using Online Services.

Alternatively, call DHA on 139 342 for assistance.
Last updated September 2021