Orchard Hills

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Getting there

Defence Establishment Orchard Hills is approximately 53 kilometres west of Sydney CBD, in the suburb of Orchard Hills. The main entrance open 24hours/day, is located 2181 The Northern Road, Glenmore Park off the M4 Western Motorway

Key collection and returns

Non-LEAP Accommodation Office

Address: Building N59, street to be advised on arrival at main gate
Business hours: 0800-1600, Monday-Friday
Phone: 0437 535 270
A/H Phone: 02 4726 0038

  • Keys can be collected after 1400 from the Accommodation Office.
  • Keys can be collected/returned after hours from the Pass Office, The Northern Road entrance.
  • March out inspections must be booked at least 24 hours prior to departure.
  • Keys to be returned with rooms vacated by 1000 to the Accommodation Office.
  • Inform the office of lost keys immediately. A cost will be incurred for replacement.

Security arrangements

A valid Defence pass is required to gain access to this base. Visiting Defence personnel should familiarise themselves with any additional security arrangements prior to arrival. Non-ADO personnel occupying LIA are required to have base approval prior to arrival. This includes members of foreign forces, minors, non-ADO visitors.

Room/cabin information


  • Transit (up to 21 days) - Rooms / Cabins provisioned with soap, toilet paper and towel (replenished and room/cabin cleaned every seven days)
  • Permanent/Temporary (≥ 22 days) - You will need to bring your own toiletries, towel and clean your own room/cabin (excluding Duty Officer, Recruit or Cadet Accommodation).

For further information about your room/cabin, contact the base Accommodation Office. It is essential that you are aware of your LIA obligations in accordance with PACMAN, Annex 7.3.A: Licence to Live In.

VIP rooms/cabins

DHA cannot take requests – contact CMC for SNCO rooms and Base XO for Officers Mess rooms.

Non-duty bookings

Non-duty bookings attract a charge in accordance with Defence policy (FINMAN). Cost recovery will be initiated after key collection by the on-base Accommodation Office. Queries should be directed to the Accommodation Office.

Mess fees

Mess fees are levied by the local Mess Committees in recognition of amenities funded from non-public monies (e.g.: newspapers, Wi-Fi, etc). Mess fees are payable directly to local Mess staff as follows:

  • Officers & SNCOs Mess: $5/night, with extra $5 fee for 7 nights, up to $20/month.

Handy phone numbers

Person/service Number
Mess Manager 0438 963 552
Duty Officer
0475 801 370
Pass Office 02 4726 0038
XO - VIP rooms 02 4726 0320
Mess Committee - VIP rooms 02 4738 4069

Change to your booking?

You can modify bookings online using Online Services.

Alternatively, call DHA on 139 342 for assistance.
Last updated July 2023