RAAF Base Amberley

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Getting there

RAAF Base Amberley is approximately 15 km southwest of Ipswich CBD and 50 km South West of Brisbane CBD. The main entrance open 24hours/day, is located on Southern Amberley Road off Ipswich Rosewood Road from Cunningham Highway.

Key collection and returns

Non-Leap Accommodation Office

Address: Building 1450, Rosewood Road
Business hours: 0800-1600, Monday - Friday
Phone: 07 5362 0459 or 0408 758 040
A/H Phone: 07 5361 2888 or 0408 758 040

  • Keys can be collected after 1400 from the Accommodation Office.
    Keys can be collected after hours from the Accommodation Office. Keys are to be returned to Downer Accommodation Office – if departing after hours there is an ‘after hours’ key return box
  • Inform the office of lost keys immediately. A cost will be incurred for replacement.
  • Keys to be returned with rooms vacated by 1000h to Downer Accommodation Office

After hours key collection - important information

The pickup / collection point location is: Building 1450


  • Key lockers are located outside the Accommodation Office
  • Refer to the Allocation List on the wall
  • Follow SMS instructions to unlock your key locker

Single Leap Concierge

Address: Building 1020, off Rosewood Road
Business hours: 0730-1700, Monday - Friday
Phone: 07 5464 3133

  • March in inspections must be booked prior to arrival.
  • March out inspections must be booked at least 3 days prior to departure.

Room/cabin information


  • Transit (up to 21 days) - Rooms / Cabins provisioned with soap, toilet paper and towel (replenished and room/cabin cleaned every seven days)
  • Permanent/Temporary (≥ 22 days) - You will need to bring your own toiletries, towel and clean your own room/cabin (excluding Duty Officer, Recruit or Cadet Accommodation).
  • For personnel allocated into LEAP, a description of the furniture and linen that will be supplied in your room can be found here.
    (If you wish to have any of the furniture removed prior to your arrival to make room for your own furniture, please advise the LEAP concierge office prior to the date of your arrival).
  • For further information about your room/cabin, contact the base Accommodation Office or LEAP concierge as appropriate.

VIP rooms / cabins

No VIP rooms, all requests will be accommodated in available transit room(s).

Non-duty bookings

Are not approved on this base; any requests will be cancelled.

Handy phone numbers

Person / Service Number
Officers Mess 07 5361 9828
SNCO Mess 07 5361 9832
ORs Mess 07 5361 9830
Duty Officer 07 5361 2888

Change to your booking?

To change a booking please email amb.abcp@defence.gov.au or call 07 5361 2888.

Last updated November 2023