Privacy Impact Assessment Disclosure Log

In accordance with OAIC recommendations, DHA publishes a summary of all Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs) undertaken from 1 July 2018 on its PIA disclosure log.

A privacy impact assessment (PIA) is a systematic tool used to assess the privacy impacts of a project or procurement activity and sets out recommendations for managing, minimising or eliminating that impact. In accordance with the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner's recommendations, DHA publishes a summary of its PIAs in this disclosure log. This contributes to the transparency of the project's development and intent, and demonstrates to stakeholders and the community that the project has undergone critical privacy analysis.

Project name and summary
24 Aug 2018                                                                            Third party investigation where personal information held by DHA will be disclosed to an external third party investigator engaged by DHA.
Proceed with the procurement of the third party investigator provided:
1. information and any subsequent report is transferred via secure file transfer
2. no cloud based / overseas storage by investigator, and
3. written notice provided to the investigator at the conclusion of the investigation that all personal information must be destroyed or permanently de-identified.
4 October 2018