Property investment with DHA

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When you invest in a DHA property, we guarantee your rental income for the term of the lease*.
We can provide you with a level of certainty that is unmatched by other property investments.

  • Long-term lease

When you lease your property to us the lease terms are generally from three to 12 years.

  • Property care

We provide a range of property care services throughout the lease term, included as part of our service fee.

  • Guaranteed rent

Rent is paid monthly in advance, directly into your bank account, even if the property isn't occupied.

  • Our properties

We sell contemporary properties in various locations, providing choice and flexibility.

With DHA you can look forward to tomorrow... and today.

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Rent is subject to abatement under certain circumstances. Rent is paid where the property is habitable. Should a property become uninhabitable during the term of the lease or due to a lessor’s breach of the lease terms, the rent may cease or abate. Guaranteed rent is subject to the terms of the lease. DHA does not take into account an investors objectives or financial needs. Investors should always seek appropriate advice before making any investment decisions with DHA.