Moving In

Moving in

Everything you need to know about moving into your new home can be found here.

Welcome visit

The purpose of the Welcome visit is to welcome you to your new home and explain key information such as your responsibilities as the occupant.

You are not permitted to leave any belongings or pets at the property prior to the Welcome visit. Insurance does not cover any damage, injury or loss caused as a result of the goods being at the property.

On site welcome visit

The Property Manager will meet you at the property to conduct the Welcome visit with you.

During the inspection the Property Manager will:

  • discuss your responsibilities as the occupant and explain DHA services
  • arrange for your DHA Residence Agreement (DRA) to be signed
  • explain the amenities and features of the home
  • provide you with an Incoming Condition Report (ICR)
  • handover the property keys and remotes.

Self-service Welcome visit

Eligible members will have the option to conduct a Self-service Welcome visit via Online Services. Eligible members are defined as:

  • members who have occupied a DHA property in the past five years and attended an On-Site Welcome visit, and
  • members who are moving into a property which does not contain asbestos materials or is not heritage listed.

On the day prior to your confirmed occupation date:

  • you will be provided with the lockbox details on how to access the property keys
  • sign and upload your DHA Residence Agreement in Online Services
  • acknowledge the ICR in Online Services.

Members who aren’t eligible for self-service welcome visit will be required to have an On site Welcome visit with a DHA Representative.

Post Welcome visit

On site Welcome visit

Electronically acknowledge your condition report and if required upload an amended report within 14 days of the inspection.

Self-service Welcome visit

After your Welcome visit you will receive an email notification confirming your DRA and ICR are available in your Online Services.

Ensure you complete the following:

  • Tenancy Agreement: Review, sign and upload your tenancy agreement.
  • Condition Report: Electrically acknowledge your condition report or upload an amended report within 14 days of the inspection.

DHA may need to inspect additional items listed on the Condition report.

Connections and payment of utilities

You are responsible for the connection, usage, and payment of utilities such as electricity, gas, telephone or internet accounts. In some instances, there may be a connection fee.

When connecting these services, you may need to provide a copy of your DRA as confirmation of your new address. Meter numbers are available in Online Services should you need to provide this.

On-base properties

Utilities such as gas and electricity may be supplied to on-base properties from the Defence establishment. The billing process for these utilities will be provided through Defence.

For further information please submit an online enquiry through Online Services. 

NBN connection

Approval is not required to connect the NBN.

If the property does not have the NBN Infrastructure installed ensure you consider the following:

  • NBN Connection box (Internal) is not to be installed in a wet area, bedrooms, hard to reach areas or high traffic areas to ensure it does not impact the usage of the property and amenities.

To find out more about the NBN, please visit your preferred provider.

On the day of your Onsite welcome visit, you will receive the keys and remotes to the property. If you opt for a Self-service welcome visit, the code to the lockbox with entry keys will be provided. The remaining keys and remotes will be found inside the property, usually in the kitchen's top drawer.

If you would like to make any security changes, such as installing new locks or other security devices, you must submit an enquiry via Online Services to seek approval before any work is carried out.

Pets are an important part of many Defence families and are welcome in most DHA properties. However, some DHA properties are unsuitable for pets. Check on Online Services to see if pets are permitted or require approval for the property selected.

To ensure you are offered a property that suits your family’s needs, it is important that you specify the type and number of pets on your Toll Transitions Application for Relocation (AFR).

Body Corporate approval

A Body corporate/owners corporation may require you to apply for a pet approval prior to moving into the property.

If you are given approval you will need to ensure you comply with the conditions and or by-laws

If approval is not provided, you will not be able to occupy with the pet.

General pet approvals

Municipal or council regulations determine the type, size, and number of pets that can be kept.

If you do not comply you are in breach of your Residence Agreement and you could lose the approval to keep pets at the property.

Pet damage

You are responsible for any pet damage and will be liable for:

  • all damage to the property caused by pets including any infestation of fleas or ticks
  • any additional cleaning including the removal of pet hair, remedial work or replacement of carpets where there are stains or odours which are unable to be removed
  • repair of any property damage, and
  • any damage to landscaping including turf, sprinkler systems and fences.


DHA conducts periodic inspections of our properties whilst they are occupied. 

We may also conduct other inspections from time to time, such as when we are organising the sale or valuation of the property, landlord inspections.

Strata & Body Corporate

If your property is in a building with a Strata or Body Corporate, you need to understand and comply with the rules or by-laws applicable to the scheme.

Existing swimming pools

If you select a property with a swimming pool, it is important that you are aware of the responsibilities associated with this.

Your responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • ensuring that all gates and doors to the pool area and surrounding grounds are kept securely closed and locked when not in use
  • ensuring all warning notices are clearly visible
  • ensuring items such as pot plants, chairs, boxes and play equipment that could be used to climb the barrier are not left within 1.2 metres
  • the care and maintenance of the pool including the purchasing of chemicals
  • ensuring all latches on the access gates and doors of the safety barrier are in good working order, and if found to be faulty, are reported immediately to DHA, and
  • any local pool and spa legislation that applies in your area.

DHA responsibilities include:

  • maintaining the safety barrier, access gates and doors to the pool area
  • ensuring all prescribed warning notices are provided, and
  • demonstrating the operation and maintenance requirements of the pool.

Families with special needs

We understand that some Defence families have family members with special needs and may require modifications to their property.

If this is the case for your family, your dependant(s) will need to have formal recognition by the Defence Member and Family Support Branch DMFS as a Dependant with Special Needs (DWSN).

You can apply for special modifications by contacting DMFS, who will assess the request and forward their recommendation to the Directorate of Relocations and Housing (DRH) within Defence for consideration. DRH will assess your requirement against PACMAN and supporting medical evidence.

For further information please see the Defence Special Needs Support Group (DSNSG) or visit the DSNSG website to find your nearest coordinator.

Business from Home (BFH)

We support Defence families wherever practicable in the operation of a business from home. If you wish to operate a Business from Home, you must first apply through Online Services. Applicants must be a recognised dependent of a serving member.

Ongoing operation of the business must be in accordance with the requirements of all relevant authorities such as (but not limited to) DHA, the Owner’s Corporation and Government bodies. For more information, refer to Business from home | Defence Housing Australia (

Rent Contribution

The contribution rates applied to Defence Housing is set by Defence in accordance with the Defence Pay and Conditions Manual (PACMAN).

For more information on your contributions and entitlements, refer to PACMAN on the Defence website (

Rent Contribution commences

The Rent Contribution commences from the day of your occupation in the property.

Water charges

The contribution rate for water usage applied to Defence Housing is set by Defence in accordance with the Defence Pay and Conditions Manual (PACMAN).

This charge is nominated in the Residence Agreement.

At any stage in your relocation or occupancy, you can contact your Defence Relocations and Housing Manager (DRHM).

The purpose of the DRHM is to ensure that you and your family experience high quality customer service as you undergo a removal or change to your housing situation.

DRHM key services to members are:

  • The provision of relocation and housing advice to members and their families.
  • The maintenance of customer/provider relationships by participating in regular meetings and discussions with DHA and Toll Transitions managers to resolve issues and identify trends and improvement opportunities.
  • The resolution of difficulties experienced in relation to the provision of housing, maintenance, allocation, itinerary management and removals.
  • The provision of advocacy on behalf of members and their families to resolve disputes with DHA or Toll Transitions arising from the provision of relocation, removal and housing services.

You can find the contact details of your local Defence Relocation and Housing Manager by calling the Defence Service Centre on 1800 333 362.

If you need to get in contact with us, please submit an enquiry via Online Services.
If you have an urgent enquiry, you can call us on 139 342.