Defence aHousing Australia Annual Report 2014-15

Our role

We are a commercially focussed GBE that provides housing and related services to ADF members and their families in accordance with the DHA Act and service agreements with the DoD.

We are self-funded and a full tax paying entity—we do not receive funding from the Federal Budget. We are required to maintain a strong balance sheet and to meet shareholder return obligations, including the payment of dividends to the Australian Government.

We are committed to working in partnership with our shareholders, clients, customers, all levels of government, industry, small-to-large businesses and the public to fulfil our role and contribute to ADF retention, recruitment and operational goals.

Our corporate objectives

To fulfil our role and the outcomes desired by our Shareholder Ministers, we set the following strategic objectives for 2014–15:

  1. Be the supplier of choice for housing and related services for ADF families and single ADF members.
  2. Provide housing and related services to other Australian Government departments and non-corporate Commonwealth entities as requested.
  3. Cooperate with third parties in establishing mutually beneficial arrangements, such as the provision of suitable land for Defence housing.
  4. Expand our investment offering and seek other funding options.
  5. Meet financial return targets and grow shareholder value.
  6. Support the operational needs of the DoD through the provision of high-quality tenancy, maintenance and housing allocation services to ADF members and their families.
  7. Pursue innovation, diversity and sustainability.
  8. Provide a workplace culture that places a premium on good governance, customer and client satisfaction, stakeholder engagement, internal collaboration and teamwork.
  9. Deliver a working environment and employment conditions that contribute to flexibility and motivation, and are positive factors in the recruitment and retention of staff.

Our values

We launched new corporate values during the reporting period, to reflect changes in our culture, how we perform our role, and to drive the pursuit of business improvement.

Our values complement the Australian Public Service values and code of conduct. They underpin our business and the daily behaviour of managers and staff. Leaders set an example and encourage staff to consistently apply them.

Integrity - We do what we say we will do with professionalism, efficiency and diligence.
Passion - We are ambitious, innovative and engaged in what we do.
Respect - We value, trust and recognise our people, customers, clients, and stakeholders.
Courage - We are bold in what we seek to achieve, constantly learning and aiming to be leaders in every way.
Balance - We are focussed and inclusive in all of our efforts, balancing long and short-term work, family, profit and social aims.
Unity - We strive to develop sound relationships and collaborate to achieve our core purpose and build strong communities for our people, customers, clients and stakeholders.