Defence aHousing Australia Annual Report 2014-15

Environmental management

We are committed to improving our environmental outcomes in accordance with relevant legislation and policy, while maintaining high-quality services.

How we manage office energy use

We lease all of our office buildings so we do not have control over the fixtures installed and their energy efficiency rating. However, we look upon the installation of energy-efficient fixtures and fittings favourably when considering new leases and/or renegotiating new lease terms. Wherever possible, we also strive to limit energy consumption. For example, we use automated essential light and heating/cooling outside of work hours where installed.

How we manage travel

Our staff are encouraged to minimise air travel, hire cars and the use of fleet cars unless there is a demonstrated business need and video conference or teleconferencing is not appropriate. Delegates must approve each request for staff travel before a booking is made.

How we manage resource efficiency and waste

During 2014–15, we continued to ensure compliance with the Australian Government's information communication technology sustainability plans and guides.

Our general-use office paper consumption continues to reduce by using dual monitors and, where printing is required, staff are encouraged to use dual-side printing. In addition, all staff messages are sent via the intranet or electronic mail and staff in certain roles, as well as our Board of Directors, have been issued tablet devices to minimise printing.

Each office use a number of recycling systems, including general paper, secure paper, cardboard and plastics. This assists in minimising the disposal of waste to landfill.

How we manage a sustainable portfolio

Our approach to sustainability looks beyond individual buildings by taking a holistic approach to urban planning. More information on this is in Part 2 of this report.