Our organisation

At Defence Housing Australia (DHA), we provide quality housing and related services to Defence members and families. In doing this, we support the operational, recruitment and retention goals of the Department of Defence.

To meet our Defence housing obligations, we are active in Australian residential housing markets, acquiring and developing land, and constructing and purchasing houses. Learn more about our residential developments.

Each year, we sell a portion of our portfolio through a property investment and leaseback program. Revenue generated from this activity is our primary source of capital. It funds our operations and enables us to provide quality housing to Defence members and their families. In turn, investors benefit from our property expertise and the security of our lease agreement.

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Where we operate

Our staff are located in 19 offices in regional centres and nearby Defence outposts throughout Australia.

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Our head office is located in Canberra, close to Defence's Russell offices and provides operational, financial, information technology, human resources, communications and corporate support to the organisation.

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Our services

We provide housing and related services for Defence members and their families. We also offer property opportunities to private investors under a sale and leaseback arrangement.

For Defence members and their families

  • Assistance in finding a housing solution through our Housing Consultants located around Australia and through our online housing tool – HomeFind (accessed via Online Services).
  • Management and maintenance of housing.
  • Administration of the allowance for Defence members occupying rental accommodation.
  • Construction and acquisition of properties to meet Defence housing demands.
  • Redevelopment of properties to meet Defence standards.

For investors and property owners

  • Sale and leaseback of properties through the property investment program.
  • Secure, long-term leasing arrangements for property owners.
  • Property maintenance and tenancy management.