Rent Allowance

Rent Allowance (RA) subsidises the cost of renting a property in the private rental market.

If you are approved for RA you will need to find a suitable rental property.
You will then be responsible for paying the rent to the landlord or agent.
Use the Rent Allowance Calculator to work out what your RA entitlement might be.

RA policy is determined by the Department of Defence and is outlined in the
Defence Pay and Conditions Manual (PACMAN), Chapter 7

The amount paid is based on:

  • your rank
  • property rent
  • number of sharing occupants
  • your categorisation, and
  • your posting locality.

You should not sign any leasing documentation for a rental residence until you are
familiar with the guidelines outlined on this website and in policy. We encourage you
to submit your application through Online Services and wait for approval before
committing to a rental property.

To learn more about the area you’re posting into, read our location spotlights.

Looking for the Guide to Rent Allowance? Download the PDF version
from the publications page.

Rent Allowance Review

The Rent Allowance Review commences on 21 April.

If you receive Rent Allowance (RA) you may be included in this year’s review.

Apply for RA online

Did you know you can complete the entire Rent Allowance process online?

RA calculator

Find out what your Rent Allowance entitlement might be.