Investing with us

We sell a selection of our portfolio to private investors under a leaseback arrangement. This means investors have no tenanting obligations, rental income is backed by the Australian Government and the investment is managed and maintained by property experts throughout the lease term.

Purchasing a DHA Property

Learn more about buying a DHA property and why you should invest with DHA.

Lease your property

We lease properties directly from investors to supplement housing supply for the Australian Defence Force.

Buy a mid-lease property

We advertise properties for sale on behalf of DHA lessors who have decided to sell during the lease term.

For our current lessors

Buy an ex-Defence property

When we no longer wish to retain a property in our portfolio, they are sold without a lease in place.

DHA Investment Management Limited 

Provides investors a stable income stream through exposure to a diversified portfolio of Australian residential property. Read more about DHA IML