End of lease

As your lease comes to an end, know what to expect and how to prepare.

To accommodate the occupant, we may need to exercise our right to vary the lease term. For example, we may extend the lease term by three years, extend the lease term by 12 months, or reduce the lease term by 12 months. Refer to your lease agreement to confirm the possible variations.

We will contact you if we need to vary the lease term, in accordance with the required notice period specified in your lease agreement.

In some circumstances you may wish to request an early lease end (prior to the lease expiry date).

For further information or assistance please email our leasing team.

At the end of your lease, we will return the property to you in good condition, including:

  • cleaned to a professional standard
  • appliances clean and in working order
  • the dwelling, grounds and landscaping in a neat and tidy condition.

Depending on your lease agreement, lease term and the responsibilities of any body corporate, strata or community title we will paint the property and replace the carpet and/or vinyl.

Requesting extra works

The lease agreement requires DHA to deliver the lease-end repairs to a similar standard, colour and tone. 

There may be an opportunity for you to request a change to the colour and material and arrange to pay the difference in cost.

You can register this request with us via email as you near the end of your lease.

Refer to your lease agreement and property care contract for more information on the services applicable.

We hold the final month's rental payment until after the final inspection. This is to allow us to reconcile the account before releasing the final payment.

After the reconciliation, we return any balance owed to you as a final payment. If you have a debt to us that exceeds the final rental payment you must pay the amount owing within 10 days.

Your final statement will record these transactions.

Before the end of the lease, we will arrange a handback inspection with you.

You can attend the handback inspection in person or you can appoint someone to represent you. If you appoint someone to represent you, you will authorise them to:

  • accept or negotiate repairs and agree on acceptable wear-and-tear
  • accept the return of the property
  • sign documentation on your behalf.

You or your representative will sign an acknowledgement and release document. This formalises the handback and releases us from any continuing obligations. We will no longer hold an active lease on the property. We will then provide you with the keys to the property.

What if I am not happy with the condition of my property at the handback inspection?

If you have questions or concerns about the condition of your property at the handback inspection, there are two options available to you (these options are available provided it can be demonstrated that DHA has not fulfilled the obligations in accordance with the lease agreement and property care contract):

  1. Speak with the DHA representative at the handback inspection to reach a mutually agreed outcome to address the items you are concerned with, or
  2. If a mutually agreed outcome with the DHA representative cannot be achieved, you or your authorised agent can request to reschedule the handback inspection to allow time to review and address the items you are concerned with.

Water reimbursements

If you receive a water bill after the end of your lease you may be eligible for reimbursement of the usage component. You must request this within 18 months of receiving the bill.

We will reimburse to your nominated bank account, any consumption attributed to our tenancy.

Update your details

If you used the bill-paying service, update your account contact details with the service provider. DHA cannot update your mailing information with external providers issuing bills. Bills received by DHA following the handback will not be paid or redirected.

Lease registration and caveats

A lease registered on the Title Deed of the property will remain until the end of the lease or until you register a Surrender of Lease or Withdrawal of Caveat.

Contact the state or territory Land Titles Office to get the necessary documentation. You must pay any associated fees.

If you have any questions about the property handback process, email us or call 139 342 between 8.30 am to 5 pm (AEST).

Need help?

Contact us by calling 133 342 and then selecting option 2 or email us directly.