I'm near the
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As your lease comes to an end,
know what to expect and how to prepare.

Preparing for handback

All you need to know to prepare for the handback of your property.

Handback inspection

What to expect during your handback inspection.

After handback

Tick it off your list – compete the handback process.


Your final rental payment and account reconciliation.

Lease-end make-good

Selling, renting, or moving into the property – Learn about our lease-end make-good entitlements.

Lease variations

Learn about lease variations which may reduce or extend your current lease.

Lynette speaks about investing with DHA

'The guaranteed income we get from DHA allows us to plan, because we know that money is coming in.

We would only now buy a DHA property; They take the worry out of it.'

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These resources are intended for information only. DHA does not accept any responsibility for any inaccuracy or actions taken in reliance upon this information. Please refer to your individual lease for full terms and conditions. You are responsible for obtaining all legal and financial advice required to understand your commitments under the lease.

  1. Rent is subject to abatement in limited circumstances. As per the DHA Lease Agreement, rent is paid where the property is able to be occupied. Should a property become uninhabitable during the course of the lease the rent may be withheld until the property has been rectified and can once again be occupied.
  2. Investors/Lessors retain some responsibilities and risks.
  3. Make-good service is subject to the duration of the lease term and the obligations of a Body Corporate (if applicable).
  4. Testimonials reflect the experience of real DHA investors.