Strata, body corporate or community titled property

Strata, body corporate or community titled property

As the property owner of a strata or community titled property, you should be aware of the additional responsibilities required.

These additional responsibilities will include:

  • keeping yourself informed of strata scheme or community titled scheme issues affecting your property or common property
  • notifying DHA of any issues that could affect the occupants
  • actioning AGM or Committee notices by voting
  • cooperating overall to protect your property's interests under the DHA Lease Agreement.

See also:  Insurance

Because we must comply with the by-laws (or articles) of a strata scheme or equivalent, you will need to send through any changes or amendments to the by-laws and any documents that affect the occupant.

Examples of these include, but are not limited to:

  • fire safety inspections
  • pest inspections
  • window locks installations
  • breach/potential breach notices.

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If you own a property that is part of a strata or community title scheme, we recommend that you liaise with the body corporate or engaged strata manager for confirmation of what type of insurance is in place and what you need insure with respect to your property (lot).

See also: Insurance

If there is no engaged strata manager, it is in your interest to protect your property with the appropriate insurance coverage1.

Although we can advise on the DHA Lease Agreement, we are not licensed to provide advice on insurance. To ensure you have the appropriate insurance in place, you should contact a suitably licensed insurance broker or provider to discuss your options1.

If you have elected to use the DHA bill-paying service, you should only be sending the levy invoices to All other correspondence should be directed to you, so that you can keep up-to-date with matters relating to your strata property.

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1. Investors/Lessors retain some responsibilities and risks.