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This information is provided as a general guide. We recommend that you reference your DHA Lease Agreement as terms and conditions may vary.

This form is to advise of a change to your contact details or bank details. It should be returned to DHA Accounts Payable by post or emailed (signed copy) to

To maintain the quality of our portfolio we conduct periodic inspections of your property and the grounds. These inspections are conducted by a DHA Property Manager and reported in Online Services. As a lessor, you may also request one personal inspection of the property in each year of the lease term. If you wish to inspect the property, you should contact DHA in the first instance and provide as much notice as possible. We will endeavour to arrange a mutually convenient time for you and the tenant. A DHA representative will accompany you during the property inspection. The property inspection report can be viewed on Online Services.

Any damage from mistreatment or neglect (including pet damage) of the property is considered non-fair wear and-tear (NFWT). Tenants will be charged for the repair of NFWT. Tenants, in consultation with the Property Manager, will determine how the repairs will be made, the cost of the repairs and the payment method.

If a tenant arranges or carries out any work on the property, it must be to a professional standard. This means to the standard carried out by a specialist licensed contractor. Any work on the property that is not to a professional standard will be identified as a tenant charge and recovered from the tenant.

Termites (or white ants) are an increasing problem and can cause considerable damage if undetected for any period of time. The cost of treating a termite infestation and repairing termite damage is your responsibility. We strongly advise that regular inspections be carried out to protect your investment. You can arrange your own termite inspections, or DHA can arrange regular inspections for you as part of our Termite Inspection program. In doing so, DHA will arrange for one of our panel contractors to carry out the inspection. The cost of inspections will be deducted from your monthly rent payment (this may change without notice).

Please note, if there was termite protection installed during construction, the warranty may specify the frequency, nature of inspections or specific Inspection Company required. In offering this service to you, DHA does not take responsibility for maintaining any warranty associated with the termite protection at your property.

With the exception of the first and the last month, your rent is paid monthly in advance. Payment will be via electronic funds transfer to your nominated bank account and will be available in your account on the first day of each month. The first rental payment will occur in the first week of the following month, and includes the adjustment from your lease start date. The last rent payment is payable in arrears. DHA may offset any amounts owing to DHA before releasing this.

Rental payments and statements are processed from DHA Corporate Shared Services. A rental statement will be available shortly after payment and can be viewed in Online Services. For any account enquiries once your lease commences, please phone 139 342.

DHA does not retain any keys to properties. All keys are held by the tenants. The keys will be returned and provided to you at the end of the lease.

Copies of appliance manuals are kept with the property to ensure the tenants use the items correctly.

As set out in your Defence Housing Australia (DHA) Lease Agreement, each year DHA engages an independent registered market valuer to review your property’s market rent.

Your property’s market rent will be assessed as at 31 December 2018, based on rents achieved from comparable properties in the surrounding area, and in accordance with Australian Property Institute guidelines.

Written notification of the market valuer’s assessment and a copy of your rental certificate will be provided to you through your Online Services account.

If you are dissatisfied with the market valuer's assessment, and your DHA Lease Agreement allows for you to pursue a secondary market rent valuation, you have until 10 February 2019 to complete the secondary market rent valuation process

There are Guidelines to pursuing the secondary market rent valuation available to assist you. You may also wish to review the Frequently Asked Questions

New rent assessed

31 December 2018

Secondary review period begins

You must follow these steps to complete the secondary market rent valuation process

2 January 2019

Final date to submit your independent secondary market rent valuation

10 February 2019


If you require further information or assistance, please contact the DHA Valuations team via email or phone 139 DHA (139 342) between 8.30am and 4.30pm AEST.


DHA will organise and cover the costs of most non-structural repair and maintenance on the property. You retain some obligations, such as essential services (e.g. water, electricity and gas). Any work we arrange is undertaken by a licensed or suitably qualified tradesperson. If we determine that the repair is impractical or not cost-effective, the damaged or broken item will be replaced. In the event the repair and maintenance is your responsibility, we will contact you to discuss rectification works.

A comprehensive list of each party’s responsibilities is set out in the DHA Lease Agreement.

In the event of an emergency—where action is needed to preserve the property and/or protect human health, safety and security—we act quickly on your behalf. Examples include flooding, fire or a breakdown of any essential service or appliance for hot water, cooking, heating or laundering. We will contact you so that you can notify your insurer. If the emergency arises from an item that is your responsibility, we will arrange the works and then recover the costs from you.

We will be in contact with you as the end of your lease approaches. It is our general obligation to ensure the property is returned to you in good condition. In all cases, we ensure the property is professionally cleaned, appliances are clean and in good working order, and the dwelling, grounds and landscaping are in a neat and tidy condition.

Where the lease term is six years or longer, we paint the property internally. Where the lease term is nine years or more, we also replace the carpet and paint externally (except where this is the responsibility of a Body Corporate).

We may contact you to seek permission to leave a tenant fixture or fitting in place (installed technology and communication services is at our discretion). If any fixtures are removed, we will repair any damage caused by the removal.

At the end of the lease, any money owing to DHA must be paid within 14 days of the request for payment.

As the end of your lease approaches, our service doesn’t end. We employ a team of experts to guide you through the property handback process and any lease-end entitlements. Further information about the property handback can be found here.

If you have any questions regarding the property handback process, please email or call 139 342 during business hours.  

We pride ourselves on providing a hassle-free property management service, including offering a bill-paying service.

To assist you, we can pay the following fees and charges on your behalf:

  • *insurance policy fees
  • strata fees
  • land tax (where liable)
  • council fees
  • water rate charges

The account will remain in your name, however, to take advantage of this bill paying service, all you need to do is contact the relevant authorities and redirect the billing address to:

Your name
Defence Housing Australia
PO Box 4923
Kingston ACT 2604

Upon receiving the bill, we will pay the authority, deduct the amount from your rent payment and report the transaction on your monthly statement.

Special instructions:

*Insurance policy fee payment   

Please do not change the postal address to DHA for your insurance policy fees. If you would like us to pay these fees, please email a scanned copy to along with your request for DHA to pay the insurance policy fees on your behalf.

Water rate charges

DHA is responsible for payment of water usage only. If you have opted to use the bill-paying service, the account will be paid in full by DHA and the only charges deducted from your rental payment will be the fixed service, environmental charges, and fixed sewerage charges. 

Note: For SA Water, rather than changing the postal address, notify SA Water that DHA is the Managing Agent with the Agency Number: 120120.

Annual land rates  

Annual land rates will be deducted in quarterly or biannual instalments (as applicable through the local council). All other charges will be deducted in full from your rent.

Manage your own accounts

Should you decide not to utilise this service, you will be eligible for reimbursements for water usage.  We will credit your rent payment and report the transaction on your monthly statement. 

Reimbursement claims can be submitted by:

• Email:

• Post: Accounts Payable
           PO Box 4923
           Kingston ACT 2604

When seeking reimbursement, you must provide:

• A copy of all pages of the invoice (showing the property address, itemised charges, meter reading dates and the quantity of kilolitres consumed); and proof of payment (i.e. a receipt) which shows the date payment was made.

If you need more information about managing your accounts, you can email or alternatively call 139 342.

We recommend that you opt-in to the bill-paying service (see information above), however if you choose to pay your bills, we will reimburse you the metered water usage component.

When seeking reimbursement you must provide:

  • a scanned copy of all pages of the invoice clearly showing the property address, itemised charges, meter reading dates and the quantity of kilolitres consumed
  • proof of payment, such as a receipt, which shows the date payment was made.

If you need more information about managing your accounts, you can email or call 139 342.

Land Tax is an annual tax payable by owners of land. Land tax is administered by your state or territory government and is applicable everywhere except for the Northern Territory (as at 1 July 2015).

It is your responsibility as a property owner to ensure that you have contacted the relevant state revenue authorities advising that your property is leased. You may need to pay land tax for your property.

Information about land tax in each state or territory is available via the links below:

The DHA Lease Agreement outlines your insurance obligations. It is your responsibility to ensure the property is adequately insured before the lease commences and for the duration of the lease; this includes maintaining complete coverage should your property be vacant for more than 60 days. We recommend that you review your cover each year as failure to maintain appropriate insurance may expose you to significant financial risk in the case of an insurable event.

You are required to maintain public liability and landlord’s contents or landlords’ fixtures and fittings insurance. If your property is part of a unit or strata development, it is generally the responsibility of the Strata Manager to maintain property insurance for the building and public liability for the common areas, however we recommend that you liaise with your strata manager for confirmation of the insurance arrangements.

In the event of an insurance claim, you will be responsible for the excess applicable under your insurance policy for any damage that is your responsibility under the lease.

DHA will comply with the by-laws of Strata Schemes or Body Corporate properties. You must keep yourself generally informed of strata scheme issues affecting your property and cooperate to protect its interests under the DHA Lease Agreement.

Collection, storage and use or disclosure of personal information is subject to the Information Privacy Principles set out in section 14 of the Privacy Act 1988.

DHA will collect and use or disclose the information for the following purposes:

  • To contact you in response to an enquiry by you about our products or services.
  • To perform our business activities and functions and to provide the best possible quality of customer service.
  • To provide you with access to Online Services and any protected areas of our website.
  • To assess the performance of the website and to improve its operation.
  • For planning, product or service development, marketing, quality control or research purposes.
  • To provide your personal information to our related bodies corporate, contractors or service providers for the performance and administration of our business operations.
  • To respond to any communications from you or complaints made by you.
  • To comply with applicable laws or rules, such as the Privacy Act, Defence Housing Australia Act 1987 (Cth) and the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 (Cth).
  • To your nominated representative with your permission.

If you wish to sell your property during the term of your lease, the property must be sold with the lease attached. It is a requirement of the DHA Lease Agreement that you notify us of your intention to sell you can email (or call 139 342).

When you contact us to advise of your intention to sell the property, we will recommend Agents from the DHA Real Estate Agent Panel to assist you in this process. Agents on this panel have been secured as part of a national tender, and by accessing the panel, you will be entitled to the agreed rates and services as per the Agent Contract with DHA. Your property will also be promoted on the DHA website and to DHA's prospective purchasers database.

For more information on how to sell your DHA mid-lease property please visit the DHA Mid-lease Lessor portal or contact the mid-sales team directly via email (or call 139 342).

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