Simpson Barracks

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Getting there

Simpson Barracks is a Defence facility in the suburb of Yallambie in Melbourne. The main entrance, open 24/7 is located at 200 Greensborough Highway.

Key collection and returns

  • Key collection after 2pm.
  • Key collection and return to Accommodation Office.
  • Rooms are to be vacated by 10am.

After hours

Individual key pick up is from the key presses in front of the Security Pass Office. Emergency Room keys can also be obtained from the key presses, following the instruction posted on each press. After Hours Bulk Booking key pick up are to be collected from the lockers in front of the Accommodation Office (Building 20).

After Hours key return to the Drop Box located on wall outside the Accommodation Office.

Address: Security Office, Blamey Road entrance
Phone: 03 8481 7415  

Lost keys

Lost keys must be notified to the Accommodation office immediately.
A cost will be incurred for replacement.

Accommodation Office

Address: Building 20, between Defence Bank and Barber
Business hours: 0700-1700, Monday to Friday
Phone: 03 9290 2122 or 0427 907 856
March Out inspections: March Out inspections must be booked at least 24 hours prior to departure. 

Single LEAP Concierge

Address: Building A0349 McCarthy Street
Business hours: 0730-1700, Monday to Friday
03 8405 4600

Single LEAP After Hours Key Collection: Via secured safe in building A0349 recreation room. Concierge will provide codes for access prior to arrival.

Security arrangements

A valid Defence pass is required to gain access to this base.  Visiting Defence personnel should familiarise themselves with any additional security arrangements prior to arrival. Non-ADO personnel occupying LIA are required to have base approval prior to arrival. This includes members of foreign forces, minors, non-ADO visitors.

Room/cabin information

Members with stays up to 21 days are supplied with soap, toilet paper and towel (replenished and room cleaned every seven days). You will need to bring your own toiletries, towel and clean your own room for longer stays (excluding Duty officer, Recruit or Cadet Accommodation). For further information about your room, contact the base Accommodation Office.  Please note: members staying in Single LEAP rooms are not supplied a towel as these rooms have a minimum tenancy of 30 days.

For personnel allocated into LEAP, a description of the furniture and linen that will be supplied in your room can be found here.

(If you wish to have any of the furniture removed prior to your arrival to make room for your own furniture, please advise the LEAP concierge office prior to the date of your arrival).

For further information about your room/cabin, contact the base Accommodation Office or LEAP concierge as appropriate.

VIP rooms

Contact DHA for allocation LTCOL(E) above only for Officer Rooms; WO1(E) above for SNCO room. For all other requests contact the SEG POC.

Rationing and transport

Visiting groups requiring rationing at any of the base mess facilities or ground transport must submit an AE547 web form via the DRN at least 7 days prior to arrival. DHA is not able to arrange rations, transport or other base services.

Non-duty bookings

Non-duty bookings attract a charge in accordance with Defence policy (FINMAN). Cost recovery will be initiated after key collection by the on-base Accommodation Office. Queries should be directed to the Accommodation Office.

Mess fees

Mess fees are levied by the local Mess Committees in recognition of amenities funded from non-public monies (e.g., newspapers, coffee, Wi-Fi, etc.)

Officers Mess Temporary Mess Fees are $5.00 per day for the first four days and are capped at $20.00 per month. This also applies to off-duty members.

Officers Mess Temporary Mess Fees are payable via internet transfer:

  • BSB: 833205
  • A/C: 20500987
  • Reference: TMMF, Surname Initials Rank

Receipts for all payments can be requested by emailing the Mess General Enquiries at RA Sigs Officers Mess Committee

Sergeants Mess Temporary Mess Fees are payable by all personnel of eligible ranks for any stay equal to or greater than 14 days. These fees are $5.00 per fortnight/$10.00 per month.

Sergeants Mess Temporary Mess Fees are payable via internet transfer:

  • BSB: 833205
  • A/C: 20501069
  • Reference: Surname Initials Rank

Handy phone numbers

Officers Mess

03 9290 5933

SNCOs Mess

03 9290 5937

Duty Officer

0467 735 139

SEG Base representative – VIP rooms

0477 346 642 or 0419 344 976

Change to your booking?

You can modify bookings online using Online Services.

Alternatively, call DHA on 139 342 for assistance.

Last updated November 2022