Bill paying service

Bill-paying service


Our bill-paying service comes with many benefits—less paperwork, more time and no out-of-pocket expenses. When you arrange for your bills to be delivered to us, we will pay the bill in full on your behalf and deduct the appropriate amount quarterly from your monthly rental payment.

To assist you, we can pay the following fees and charges on your behalf:
  • insurance policy fees
  • strata levies
  • land tax (where liable)
  • council fees
  • water rate charges.

How do I take up this service?

To take advantage of this bill-paying service, contact the relevant authorities and redirect the billing address to DHA. By doing so, the account will remain in your name, but the billing address will now be DHA.

It is preferable that the address be redirected to:

If electronic submission is not possible, the bill should be sent addressed to:

Your name
Defence Housing Australia
PO Box 4923
Kingston ACT 2604

Upon receiving the bill, we will pay the authority, deduct the appropriate amount from your rental payment and report the transaction on your monthly statement.

As you will remain the account holder, we do not have visibility of your accounts and can only pay those bills that are received by us1.

We will not review the charges or policy details relating to your bills. This remains your responsibility.

Any bills not received by us remain your responsibility. We encourage you to monitor your monthly statements to help avoid any disruptions to your bills or services.

As part of this service, we will follow up on any brought-forward credit balances with the supplier or council on your behalf. However, as the account holder, you may be required to deal directly with the supplier or council where there is a dispute or an issue that DHA cannot resolve. We will contact you should this be required.

Special instructions:

While we can pay your insurance policy fees as part of this service, we ask you do not change the postal address to DHA in this instance. Instead, you should email a scanned copy of your insurance policy fees by email via along with your request for DHA to pay the insurance policy fees on your behalf.

This is important as it will allow you the first opportunity to review any annual changes to your fees, the policy inclusions, and required payments. When you send your policy fees to us, if there is an option to pay in instalments, DHA will pay the amount in full to the provider and allow the deductions to be charged to your account in the instalment periods. This means that the cost will be spread across your rental payments.

As the property owner, you are responsible for paying the fixed service, environmental charges, and fixed sewerage charges for your property; DHA is responsible for payment of water usage only. If you have opted to use the bill-paying service, the account will be paid in full by DHA with only the charges deducted from your rental payment being those that you are responsible for. See also: Water reimbursements

*Please note: If the water service provider for your property is SA Water, we ask that you notify them that DHA is the managing agent (quoting the Agency Number: 120120). This is preferable to changing the postal address, and is at the request of SA Water.

For strata or body corporate levies, please organise for only the levy invoices to be sent to
*Please note: Levy notices are often sent with AGM minutes.
Any other communication relating to the maintenance, changes to the by-laws, occupant related correspondence, or inspection requests should be sent to

If you wish for DHA to pay your annual land rates, this will be deducted in quarterly or biannual instalments (as applicable through the local council). All other charges will be deducted in full from your rent.

See also: Land tax

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Call: 139 342, option 2

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These resources are intended for information only. DHA does not accept any responsibility for any inaccuracy or actions taken in reliance upon this information. Please refer to your individual lease for full terms and conditions.
1. Investors/Lessors retain some responsibilities and risks.