Rates and charges

As the property owner, you will be responsible for some rates and charges on your DHA property, including but not limited to:

  • taxes, and local Government rates
  • charges for the provision of water and sewerage services
  • levies and charges related to the property under any strata or community titled scheme or other legislation
  • other statutory and council charges
  • fees such as insurance.

What charges are DHA responsible for?

We are responsible for the payments (or procured payment) on the accounts for:

  • excess water, water usage or water consumption (see water reimbursements)
  • the supply of gas, electricity, telephone, technology and communication services (such as cable and satellite television, and broadband internet services), and other such services to the property.

You may wish to take advantage of our bill-paying service to help manage these payments. When you arrange your bills to be delivered to us, we can pay the bill on your behalf and deduct the appropriate charges from your monthly rental payment.

See also: Bill-paying service

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