DHA Property Care

DHA Property Care

It is important to know that your property will be taken care of; that’s why we provide a Property Care service.

Our Property Care service includes a range of services we offer in return for a service fee, throughout the lease term. It includes:

Our property management service means that you don’t have to worry about the day-to-day management of the property.

We have a team of experienced staff dedicated to managing your property. We ensure your property is kept in good condition, conducting periodic inspections and facilitating any required repairs and maintenance identified. So that you can be certain that everything is in order, the inspection reports for your property are made available to view in Online Services.

At some point during the lease you may like to inspect the property. We are happy to accommodate one personal inspection of the property for each year of the lease. From time-to-time, there may also be occasions where additional property access may be required for matters such as valuations, or pest inspections. We will coordinate access at a convenient time for all parties.

For any access requests to the property, you will need to contact us to coordinate a time that is suitable for you and the occupant. This is a requirement of the DHA Lease Agreement, and is to respect the privacy and security of the occupants.

For the life of the lease we can organise and cover the costs of certain types of repair and maintenance required as per your DHA Lease Agreement1.

Where repairs and maintenance fall under your responsibility, these will need to be undertaken at your cost1. In this instance, we will discuss the work and options available to you.

To learn more about responsibilities relating to repairs and maintenance, and what to expect, please refer to your DHA Lease Agreement.

Our market rent review service gives you the confidence that your returns are protected. If your DHA Lease Agreement has a provision for an annual market rent review, your property’s market rent will be assessed as at 31 December each year.

If your lease commences after 1 October and prior to 31 December, then the property will not be included in the annual market rent review for that calendar year.

If your lease does not include an annual market rent review, the rental figure will be paid in accordance with the entitlement stated in the lease. Learn more about the annual market rent review

Prior to the end of the lease, we will contact you to discuss the handback of the property and our lease-end service.

The lease-end service entitlements will be outlined in the DHA Lease Agreement2.

In all cases, we arrange for the vacant property to be professionally cleaned, with appliances in good working order, grounds and landscaping to be presented in a neat and tidy condition, so you can move in, rent privately or sell the property as you wish. To learn more please see: Lease-end make-good. 

Our property management service also includes managing the occupants of your property, who are typically a Defence member or Defence family, and in some instances civilians. With DHA as your tenant for the lease term, you can be confident we are looking after the day-to-day matters relating to the property such as coordinating the occupants’ residency period and managing any maintenance requests.

Contact us

Email: lessormanagement@dha.gov.au

Call: 139 342, option 2

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These resources are intended for information only. DHA does not accept any responsibility for any inaccuracy or actions taken in reliance upon this information. Please refer to your individual lease for full terms and conditions.
1. Investors/Lessors retain some responsibilities and risks.
2. Make-good service is subject to the duration of the lease term and the obligations of a Body Corporate (if applicable).