DHA Property Care

Property care

It is important to know that your property will be taken care of. That’s why we provide a property care service.

We manage the occupants of your property. These are Defence members or Defence families and in some instances civilians.

We coordinate the occupants’ residency period.

If the property is ever unoccupied we undertake general grounds maintenance, water gardens, prune trees and mow lawns.

There is no need for you to inspect the property throughout the lease term. However, we can arrange an inspection each year if you wish.

Your lease agreement may include an annual rent review. Each year we engage an independent licensed valuer to provide a rent recommendation. This could be an increase, decrease or a recommendation that there be no change to the rent.

We do not review the rent for leases which begin between 1 October and 31 December. We will conduct the rent review in the following calendar year.

If your lease does not include a rent review we pay rent per the entitlement stated in the lease.

For the life of the lease, we organise and cover the cost of:

  • most non-structural repairs
  • general upkeep of grounds and gardens.

Any work we arrange is undertaken by a licensed or qualified tradesperson.

As with any property investment, you keep some responsibilities such as:

  • repairing and maintaining essential services such as water, electricity and gas
  • maintaining appropriate insurance cover
  • repairing damage caused by subsidence, pest infestation, fire, lightning, flood or storm
  • repair work covered by a warranty held by you
  • major landscaping.

If repairs are your responsibility, we will contact you to discuss the work with you. These will need to be undertaken at your cost.

We list completed repairs in Online Services under the 'Maintenance' tab. The tab show repairs covered by our service, and repairs which are your responsibility.

Your lease agreement and property care contract define the repairs included in our service.

Lease end repair

As the end of the lease agreement approaches we ensure your property is:

  • cleaned to a professional standard
  • with appliances clean and in working order
  • the dwelling, grounds and landscaping are in a neat and tidy condition.

Emergency repair

In the event of an emergency, we will act on your behalf. We cover the cost of repairs to items for which we are responsible.

If the repairs are your responsibility we will contact you and ask for your instructions. In this situation we will pass any reasonable costs we incur on to you.

We're here to help you manage your property. We conduct periodic inspections and provide access for repairs. The inspection reports are available in Online Services.

Should a contractor or insurer need access to the property we can arrange an inspection time.

Contact us if you want to view the property yourself. We will schedule a time that is suitable for you and the occupant. At all times we must respect the privacy and security of the occupant.

Contact us

Email: lessormanagement@dha.gov.au

Call: 139 342, option 2

We welcome your feedback on how we can improve this page or our services.

These resources are intended for information only. DHA does not accept any responsibility for any inaccuracy or actions taken in reliance upon this information. Please refer to your individual lease for full terms and conditions. Investors/Lessors retain some responsibilities and risks.