Investing with DHA

Purchase a DHA property


Purchase a property from DHA and lease it back to us.

Find out more about the benefits of a DHA investment property here.

DHA properties for sale can be found here.

Occasionally investors need to sell their DHA investment property during the lease term, when this happens the property is sold with the lease in place.

This means the buyer of the property agrees to the conditions outlined in the existing lease agreement.

DHA properties for sale mid-lease can be found here.

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Details and registry information for upcoming webinars can be found here.

Details and registry information about upcoming events can be found here.

Lease my property to DHA

If you are interested in leasing your property to DHA please find more information here.

Sell my DHA property


More information about selling your property mid-lease can be found here.

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1.Rent may be subject to abatement in limited circumstances