Building warranties

Preventing and managing pests

Pests, including termites, can cause significant damage to your property. There are no guarantees when it comes to pests but effective management could save you money.

The cost of preventing and treating pest infestation is your responsibility. So are any repairs to damage caused by pests. You should consider regular pest inspections to help protect your property.

You can arrange your pest inspections. If you do, you must contact us and we will facilitate the inspection with your nominated contractor and the occupant.

Alternatively, we can manage regular pest inspections on your behalf through our scheduling service. If you elect to use this service, we will arrange for a contractor to carry out the inspections.

You will be responsible for the cost of the inspection. The cost may vary and could change without notice.

You can access the inspection report in Online Services. The report may show that your property requires barrier replenishment, treatment or repair. The cost of treatment or repair is your responsibility. If agreed in writing, we can seek a quote on your behalf from a registered contractor.

Our service does not cover:

  • any treatment for pests on your property, including termites
  • repair of damage that they have caused
  • replenishment of barriers.

Barriers and replenishments

Some properties rely on chemical termite barriers which act to prevent termite infestation. These barriers need regular replenishment. It is your responsibility to ensure the barrier is replenished as necessary. Contact us to see if your property relies on a chemical barrier.


We are not responsible for maintaining your warranty for pest protection. We suggest you familiarise yourself with any warranties associated with your property as they may specify the frequency, nature of inspection and inspection company required to maintain the product.

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