Property management

Property management

We have a team of experienced staff dedicated to managing your property. We ensure your property is kept in good condition, conducting periodic inspections and facilitating any required repairs and maintenance identified.

Property inspections and general access

As part of our property management service, we conduct periodic inspections1 at your property. These inspections are undertaken by a DHA Property Manager with the occupants or their respective agent. Following the property inspection, a report can be viewed within Online Services in the 'Inspections' tab.

As we are unable to take photos during an occupation due to privacy and security, the photographs available within Online Services may not be current. Where possible, we will make efforts to ensure that property photographs are provided at the changeover of the occupants. All photographs will be date stamped.

Accessing your property

There may be times during your lease that you will require access to your property. Access requests can be accommodated in regards to valuations, depreciation schedule inspections, real estate inspections, mid-lease sales, pest and building inspections, or on a case-by-case basis.

Please submit your requests for access to your property by email. Please include the type of access required, preferred dates for access and details of third parties where necessary.

We will arrange a mutually convenient time for all parties, including the occupant, yourself, and a DHA representative who will attend the inspection and answer any questions you may have.

At times, there may be delays in accessing your property, this may be due to circumstances where the occupant may be deployed or away from their home.

Tenancy management

As per the DHA Lease Agreement, DHA are your tenant. DHA lease your property with the intention to occupy Defence members and their families, in some instances DHA sub-lease to the public market.

As the tenant, and in accordance with our guarantee, regardless of whether your property is occupied, you will still receive rental payments2.

Lease variations

On occasion, we may need to exercise our right to vary the lease term. For example, we may extend the lease term for up to three years or reduce the term by 12 months. Please refer to your DHA Lease Agreement for the full list of variations applicable to your property.

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These resources are intended for information only. DHA does not accept any responsibility for any inaccuracy or actions taken in reliance upon this information. Please refer to your individual lease for full terms and conditions.
1. The visual inspection undertaken by DHA staff and resulting report does not and cannot make comment upon: the assessment or detection of defects (including rising damp and leaks); the presence or absence of pests including timber pests; common property areas; site drainage (apart from surface water drainage); durability of exposed finishes; any matters that are solely regulated by law or relevant Code or Standard; and any area(s) or item(s) that could not be inspected by DHA staff. Consequently, the Inspection report is not a guarantee that defects and/or damage does not exist.
2. Rent is subject to abatement in limited circumstances. As per the DHA Lease Agreement, rent is paid where the property is able to be occupied. Should a property become uninhabitable during the term of the lease or due to a lessor’s breach of the lease terms, the rent may be withheld until the property has been rectified and can once again be occupied.