After handback

After handback

After the handback of your property there are a few things to consider.

Online Services

When the lease for your property ends, your access to Online Services will also cease.

Download any required documents, reports or statements before the final inspection.

Water reimbursements

If you receive a water bill after the end of your lease you may be eligible reimbursement. You must request this within 18 months of receiving the bill.

We will reimburse to your nominated bank account, any consumption attributed to our tenancy.

Update your details

If you used the bill-paying service, update your account contact details with the service provider.

Lease registration and caveats

A lease registered on the Title Deed of the property will remain until the end of the lease or until you register a Surrender of Lease or Withdrawal of Caveat.

Contact the state or territory Land Titles Office to get the necessary documentation. You must pay any associated fees.

If you have any questions about the property handback process, email us or call 139 342 between 8.30 am to 5 pm (AEST).

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Call: 139 342, option 2

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