Find out who can buy a DHA property

You don't have to be a Defence member to buy a DHA investment property

Although many Defence members have invested in DHA property, the majority of our investors have no connection to Defence at all.

Our most common investors are mums and dads who want to generate wealth and secure their family's financial future.

If you're a foreign person, as defined by the Foreign Investment Review Board, please seek professional advice about your eligibility to invest with DHA.

If you are a Defence member, your housing and rent entitlement subsidy (as set by the Department of Defence) may be affected if you are posted to the same location as a DHA leased investment property. Please refer to the Pay and Conditions Manual (PACMAN), Chapter 7 (7.2.18 Home leased for commercial purposes) for more information.

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Whether or not a DHA property is suitable for you will depend on your investment strategy and the circumstances of the purchase, so as always, you should seek independent advice.