Lease-end make-good

As the end of the lease agreement approaches, our service doesn't stop. We ensure your property is returned in good order by providing a make-good service1.

In all cases, we ensure the property is professionally cleaned; appliances are clean and in good working order; and the dwelling, grounds and landscaping are in a neat and tidy condition.

Where the lease term is 6 years or longer, we paint the property internally. Where the lease term is 9 years or more, we also replace the carpet and paint the external structure (except where this is the responsibility of a body corporate).

This means that with minimal effort, you can move in, rent privately or sell the property as you wish.

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Investment is subject to DHA's lease terms and conditions of sale. All references to the lease are in accordance with DHA Lease Agreement Edition 6C. Investors retain some responsibilities and risks i.e. rent, make-good and market fluctuations. Prospective investors should seek independent advice. DHA does not accept responsibility for any inaccuracy or actions taken in reliance upon this information.
1. Make-good service subject to the duration of the lease and the obligations of a body corporate (if applicable).