Benefits of DHA investment property

When you buy a DHA investment property, you get one of the most secure property investments available in Australia – with no tenanting obligations and a rental income that is guaranteed throughout the lease term.

Guaranteed rent

Unlike conventional residential property investment, we calculate your rent from the date of settlement. In addition, with the exception of the first and last month, we pay your rent monthly in advance throughout the lease term. It’s even paid when the property isn’t occupied.1

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Long-term lease

When you buy a DHA property, our standard lease terms are 9 or 12 years. Shorter lease terms of 3 or 6 years may be offered on occasion.

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Quality properties

Our properties are designed to meet Defence requirements in terms of size, amenity and inclusions. At the time of construction, we also ensure our properties comply with national building industry codes and standards, and related state or territory regulation.

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DHA Property Care

A distinguishing feature of our lease is DHA Property Care—an extensive range of property related services we provide throughout the lease term in return for a service fee.

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1 Rent may be subject to abatement in limited circumstances.

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