The Bugg family

"We really lucked in with this house,
it's bigger and better than expected."

The Bugg family

Force: RAAF

The Bugg family of four have recently made the move to Nowra, moving out of their own home and into a DHA home.

"We were definitely a little worried – It was our first big move as a family, we were coming from our own home, and we didn’t really know what to expect of DHA housing," says Scot Bugg.

"If you ask us, we really lucked in with this house - it was bigger and better than what we had expected, so we were pleasantly surprised."

"I admit at that time there was not a lot of choice in housing but it was out of posting cycle so we expected that," says Scot.

"We saw this one on HomeFind and snapped it up pretty quickly. It’s a Federation style home and has a decent sized yard for the kids to play in, which I really like," says Mai.

"It might not be our home but it’s pretty close, and definitely minus all the hard work of owning your own home."

"For me, knowing that when something goes wrong, you can just pick up the phone and call someone is great," says Scot.

"We haven’t had many maintenance issues, but those we have had, a bit of water damage, was fixed so quickly – probably even quicker than I could do them in my own home."

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