The Martin family

"In so many ways
we’re lucky to be living in a DHA house."

The Martin family

Force: ARMY

"In so many ways we’re lucky to be living in a DHA house. We’ve looked at the real estate market and for this place we’d be paying more than $1000 a fortnight."

Corporal Lee Martin has been a member of the Australian Army for 17 years, and he’s the first to admit that it hasn’t all been plane sailing.

"I haven’t always enjoyed it," he admits. "Sometimes I’ve thought that I don’t want to play the game anymore and I’m getting out. But then I’ll have a think about it and here I am still going."

Among the reasons Lee continues to be a part of the Australian Defence Forces is the perks he receives, including living in a DHA home.

"In so many ways we’re lucky to be living in a DHA house," Lee said.

Lee lives in his current home with wife Catherine and their children Josh and Leah. The home, situated in Sydney’s Wattle Grove, is a short distance from Holsworthy Army Base and popular with families due to the backyards and quiet streets.

"We’ve looked at the real estate market in this area," Lee said. "For a place like this, we’d be paying more than $1000 a fortnight. We only pay around $400. We’re very fortunate."

Lee is based at Holsworthy which is conveniently located down the road, so his time spent away from his family is kept to a minimum.

"It takes me eight minutes to get to work on a good run!" Lee jokes.

The family did have one complaint however – the lack of air conditioning.

"But it’s just been installed," Lee said. "And it’s been a god send. Last year it could get up to 40 degrees inside!"

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