The Bremner family

"The homes we have lived in
have been so family friendly."

The Bremner family

Force: RAAF

Having both been in the military for over 12 years, Kylie and David Bremner have done 10 moves and have always lived in DHA houses in their various postings around Australia.

"We definitely make the most of it, wherever we are," says Kylie "and the kids asked the other day mum, when are we moving next?"

She adds "the homes we have lived in have just been so family friendly, it makes relocating less of a stress."

David says "most importantly the houses cater to our family needs, just the rooms and the space and that we can have our family pets."

For the Bremners’ three kids, being able to look at their new homes online is a bonus.  Kylie says "when you look on line, whenever we are relocating it just makes it so much better to look at the plans, and what it looks like on the outside, which is great for the kids, now they are a bit older."

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