Step 5: Vacate your property

The process of vacating your property is different depending on your reasons for vacating.

For non-service reasons

You must advise us if you intend to move out of your Service Residence for non-service reasons such as, the purchase of your own home in your current posting locality, or due to a change in your domestic circumstances.

Pre-vacation inspections

A pre-vacation inspection (PVI) occurs prior to you moving out. Your Regional office will contact you to arrange a suitable time. It is a requirement that the Defence member is present at the PVI. This is so you understand the cleaning requirements for your property and the potential tenant charges.

If you are unable to attend a scheduled inspection at your property, you may appoint someone to attend on your behalf. This person may be your spouse, partner or a representative Login to Online Services today to appoint an Agent. For more information on how to appoint an agent please see Appointment of Agent.

At your PVI, your Property Manager will:

Discuss your cleaning requirements

Before you vacate your property, you must ensure it is cleaned to the required standard. View the cleaning checklist.

After you move out, carpets will be professionally steam-cleaned and a final cleaning and maintenance check will be carried out. Carpet cleaning charges will be deducted from your Defence salary. For discharging or resigning members, carpet cleaning and non-fair wear-and-tear charges will be deducted from your final discharge pay.

Explain the operation of the lock box

On the day you move out of your property, you will be asked to place the keys in the lock box.

Identify non-fair wear-and-tear

You will be responsible for repairing any damage to the property as a result of non-fair wear-and-tear. Read about how we define non-fair wear-and-tear and the standards of repair required.

If you choose to have the repairs carried out by a DHA contractor, the cost of the repairs will be identified as a ‘tenant charge’ on the Inspection Condition Report (ICR).

Complete the Inspection Condition Report (ICR) with you

The ICR identifies any carpet cleaning charges, your responsibilities when vacating the Services Residence and any potential and/or tenant charges you may be responsible for.

By signing the ICR you are acknowledging that all noted charges and information is correct. If you dispute some charges, this will be noted this on the ICR as a Tenant Dispute. Request a Details of Dispute form from your Property Manager. You will need to submit this form to your local RO within five working days.

Address any concerns you may have with vacating the property

Please take this opportunity to raise any concerns you may have.

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