Toowoomba is situated on the Darling Downs in South East Queensland, 132km west of Brisbane. Toowoomba is Australia's second largest non-coastal city. Daily maximum temperatures in Toowoomba average 27 degrees in summer and 16 degrees in winter.

Suburbs of Toowoomba

Most suburbs in Toowoomba are suitable for members posted to both the Army Aviation Training Centre (AAvnTC) at Oakey and Borneo Barracks at Cabarlah. Outer lying suburbs are mostly semi-rural and it’s relatively easy to find a property with a large yard and in some cases, acreage.

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Toowoomba has both public and private schools for all levels. In Queensland, children under six years of age attend preschool, children from six years onwards attend primary school (years 1-7) and children 12 years and over attend high school (years 8 - 12).

There are also a number of tertiary institutions in Toowoomba, including the University of Southern Queensland and the South Queensland Institute of TAFE. For further information, visit the Department of Education website.

Child care

There are a number of child care facilities in Toowoomba. The resources below may help you locate the right child care service for your family.

Bases nearby

  • Toowoomba to Oakey - 33km
  • Toowoomba to Cabarlah - 20km
  • Toowoomba to Canungra - 170km
  • Oakey to Canungra - 201km

Public transport

  • Toowoomba is serviced by major highways to the north, south, east and west.
  • A bus network connects schools and those travelling to shopping precincts.
  • The main public transport between Toowoomba and most other areas is McCaffertys Buses.
  • There are currently no air services that operate between Toowoomba and Brisbane.


Toowoomba and the Darling Downs region have something for all sport lovers. Whether your taste is for adventure or something a little more relaxing, there are a number of activities that can be enjoyed.

Borneo Barracks at Cabarlah is home to a nine-hole golf course that offers great rates for Defence members.


  • Toowoomba Base Hospital (public)
  • St Andrews Hospital (private)
  • Vincents Hospital (private)
  • Oakey Hospital (public)