Puckapunyal is 100km from Melbourne and one hour drive from the historic gold rush town of Bendigo.  Puckapunyal, and the larger neighbouring town of Seymour, are part of the Mitchell Shire, which calls itself 'the heart of Victoria'. The region encompasses Melbourne's northern most area and north-central Victoria's farming area.

Around Puckapunyal

Puckapunyal is 8km from the township of Seymour. The housing market in and around Seymour is tight, with demand usually outstripping supply.


The Department of Education website contains information on public education in Victoria, as well as a list of schools by location. There are several schools within Seymour as well as a school situated on base at Puckapunyal.

Child care

For information on child care in Seymour and the surrounding areas, the following websites may be useful.

Bases nearby

  • Melbourne to Puckapunyal - 113km
  • Seymour to Puckapunyal - 8km


Sporting clubs and associations within Seymour can be found on the Mitchell Shire website.

Public transport

Buses operate within Seymour, as well as between the town and surrounding areas. For specific routes and timetables, visit the regional bus information on the Public Transport Victoria website.

There is a bus, which runs between Puckapunyal and Seymour. Nearly all places within Puckapunyal are easy to access on foot or by a bicycle and it is only a ten minute drive to Seymour.


For information on health services within Seymour and surrounding areas visit the Seymour Health website.